Last week updates revision logs

I am still working on the new list view layout for ‘Pure messenger’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weather forecast :
2.5.5: Noaa decreasing clouds icon
2.5.4: Noaa breezy icon
2.5.3: fix icon
2.5.2: fix some icons issues

Pure calendar :
1.6.2/3 : fix tap zone problems
1.6.1 : show all events in day viewer (few missing)
1.6.0 : new day viewer + add/edit astrid tasks + astrid link + auto-select calendar app + check astrid version

Pure grid calendar :
1.2.3 : fix autoclose
1.2.2 : change default skin

Pure messenger :
1.2.1: Sprint HTC Hero/Eris reboot bug fix (with new option)
1.2.0: improve some menu layouts + fix a notification bug


7 thoughts on “Last week updates revision logs

  1. any chance we could get the weather forecast to show the current temp in bold again?
    i’m using the 4×1 widget and ever since the google weather fix the current temp is no longer bold.

  2. Just downloaded pure calendar.

    Astrid integration is great – but the tasks seem to all be put onto todays date even though they are dated?

    Any Chance we can get then on the task due date?



  3. When will the next update for Pure Messenger occur…I love the application but I think what maybe needed is a way to tab in between the app messages for instance. tap a button on puremsgr and it shows only facebook, gmail, pop,twitter, etc… this would be awesome…I love the facebook integration but when will all features be available? Lol. Im sorry for the bombardment, and I know you guys are working hard…I just want to make sure this is the only app I need. Thanks Dev, for everything.

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