Pure grid calendar now support Corporate calendar !

since v1.2.1 …


16 thoughts on “Pure grid calendar now support Corporate calendar !

  1. It would have been great to see more screenshots of the application on the website. The Android calendar widget. I was trying to decide whether to purchase.

  2. WordPress lets you make “static” pages. Can’t you make a dedicated page for each widget so it’s easy to find a summary of the widgets’ features and some screenshots? I mean, sure, you can go back through the archives post-by-post to find the info, but that’s probably not something most people want to spend their time on.

    Just a suggestion

  3. There is a weird “framing” issue after the update. When you longpress or swipe on the 4×4 calendar, a 3×3 frame shows up. Drag to move/delete is being affected by this also. Could be a Home issue, not sure yet. Still love the widget though!

  4. I’m a firefighter and have a weird schedule. I was wondering if you or someone could make a shift generator/calendar. Kinda like the bbshift calendar for the blackberry. I have a htc hero and cannot find one anywhere. Thanks for the help.

  5. This is kind of depressing…
    I just bought the pure grid calendar from your paypal page, but it only allows me to download v1.1.9.
    I’m using this for my Corporate calendar, so I need the latest version.
    Can you send me the v.1.2.1.

  6. I have Version 129. This is not syncing with my Corp. Outlook Calander. I have removed the wiget many times with not luck

  7. I have been unable to view my corporate outlook calendar with this widget. I can get meetings that have multiple attendees but it wont show appointments that I add.

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