Last versions revisions logs

Weather forecast :
2.5.1: bypass Google weather servers issue
2.5.0: fix few icons + add few traces to found missing icons
2.4.9: fix HTC Sprint Hero/Eris bug
2.4.8: fix “flurries” icon

Pure calendar :
1.5.9 : fix Behold 2 problem
1.5.8 : Astrid (Task manager) integration + fix Droid skins problem + variable text sizes

Pure grid calendar :
1.2.1 : support Corporate calendar for Quick event insertion + config bug fix
1.2.0 : add corporate calendars support
1.1.9 : fix Droid layouts
1.1.7 : fix 0 minute event bug (fbcal and public calendar problem)
1.1.6 : fix day event viewer for GMT+x
1.1.5 : fix day event viewer

Pure messenger :
1.1.9: fix HTTP retries for facebook & twitter + read Facebook inbox + fix restore Facebook images issue + new action menu + automatic cleanup of twitter db
1.1.8 : add Bloo free link + fix twetter date problem + fix ‘loading data’ problem + http request timeout added (avoid facebook API problems)
1.1.4 : information page update + experimental Twitter support + notification system + may fix EPW permission problem + fix list scrolling white color + add twitter status update

8 thoughts on “Last versions revisions logs

  1. thanks for the fix for the google weather issue. i did notice it looks like the current temp is no longer bold on 2.5.1 of the weather forecast widget. any chance we could get this back?

  2. In new version I cannot touch the widget to get to the calendar. A touch to the “+” (new entry) also fails.
    Only “options”-tab is possible.
    workig on a hero with 4×2 widget
    did try doing a “new” widget on homescreen – same effect.

    1. Hi,
      I need a logcat to understand what is the problem.
      Did you select the right calendar application in the configuration panel (‘HTC sense’ for HTC Hero, Eris & Tattoo).

      1. ooops – sorry

        I thought that I did the same configuration like th last 5 times – but indeed I checked “google calendar” instead of “sense”.


        great app!

  3. You mention Pure Calendar supporting Astrid – is there any chance of getting similar integration with GTasks? That could push me to buy. Or is it already integrated?

    Also, any word on the new layout for Messenger?

    1. For Google Tasks, it’s impossible because Google doesn’t provide any API to access it (I know, few products try to parse HTML pages, but it’s too dirty, I do not agree to make that kind of crap).
      For Pure messenger layout, this is work in progress (a lot of modifications to support that new layout + a lot of functionnalities added recently + still trying to improve stability)

  4. Hi,

    In Pure Messenger, I can set only one mail account !
    Is it possible to add anothers ?

    Thanks for your terrific works

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