New Pure messenger list view

Here is my new “list view” idea :

What do you think about it ?
It is currently not developped, it’s just a preview (not very hard, but require 15 to 30 hours of work).

For actions :
– tap the icon : launch original app
– tap the left message part : open te message in the internal viewer
– tap the right message part : open an action menu
– upper left corner : configuration panel
– arrows : “scrolling” in the message list view


11 thoughts on “New Pure messenger list view

  1. This looks a fabulous idea, a great solution now that you’ve added Twitter into the messaging widgets you’ve created. I’ve made a seperate widget for Twitter but it would be much better in a list like this.

  2. I voted in the poll already, but I’d like to say that this is what would get me to buy Pure Messenger – I’m not a fan of the default view, but this is a really nice look that I would easily use.

  3. I love all your work.

    I think if we had an option to view either default or this view that would be awsome. They way I have my widgets now is I have one dedicated to SMS and one dedicated to Gmail. I would prefer this view in for Gmail. Oh one last thing, I think the Gmail Icon needs to be replaced. Its Sorta ugly and it stands out like a sore thumb.

  4. Hi Koxx – I have purchased the full suite of your offerings.

    I have a request for the messenger widget – and that is to allow multiple pop accounts. The standard Email.apk in the eclair version (2.0) has a “common” inbox for multiple accounts; so maybe you could take that Email.apk to make your ‘Email for PW’ ? That would be terrific.

    Thanks for consideration.

    1. Hi.
      ouch … what you ask is not easy. I means I have to fully rebuild my Email for Pure on Eclair base.
      I don’t say “no”, but I have higher priority tasks 😉

  5. I adore this. I was wishing for this feature just the other day. Hopefully with font-size controls and #-of-lines-per-entry controls, so we can squeeze lots of messages in.

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