Pure calendar copy-protection disabled

As you may know, this copy protection was a problem for many users.
It hide many applications for some markets users if their ROM was not reconzied from Google servers.
A lot of customers complains about that situation (especially after OTA ROM updates).

Google had to react.
Well … good news !
They did ! Google now allow us to disable that protection (that was impossible before).

So, I removed the protection.

My only fear : update problems for current users.

If you have any update problem (if have bought this app before 11/24). Tell me. I’ll re-enable it.

EDIT 24/11/2009 : I have to re-enable the copy protection.

I start receiveing a lot of users complains after update to 1.5.6.
Databases cannot be read anymore when switching from ‘copy protected’ to ‘no copy protected’.
Google really have to solve this problem. I don’t have any solution to make a clean transition.
To avoid users complains, I had to re-enable copy protection.

Sorry for other users…


6 thoughts on “Pure calendar copy-protection disabled

  1. Just updated to 1.5.6 and now the widget wont load, restarted my phone and get force close when I try to re-add the widget.

    Using the Modaco 2.9 ROM on a HTC Hero

  2. Why don’t you just publish two applications.

    one protected and one non-protected

    That way the people who can see the protected app can get it, and the ones that can’t will get the unprotected one.

    1. Because it takes too much time.
      Currently, here are my tasks:
      – 40% code
      – 40% emails & blog
      – 10% advertising
      – 10% manage apps

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