Pure messenger tap zones

Here are tap zones in Pure Messenger :

1: open application linked to this message type
2: action buttons (mark as read, reply, delete, reconfigure)
3: previous/next message
4: application launcher
5: jump from unread message to unread message


16 thoughts on “Pure messenger tap zones

  1. I recently applied you latest update and found that when I select the application launcher if I try and launch gmail or facebook it causes the widget to crash showing a force close message.

    Anyone else having this issue?

      1. I have reinstalled the app but the problem is still there. Doesn’t seem to have a problem loading the SMS app, just facebook and gamil.

  2. Ok, then I need you to send me your logcat (system log file) after a crash. I’ll be able to solve this bug with this log.
    To send it, you need to install ‘log collector’ from the market, launch it just after the crash, and send me the report.
    Can you do it ?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I have sent the log. I ran the log collector after trying to select gmail from the app list when using the app launcher.

      Hope that sheds some light on the problem.


    1. Yes, I understand the bug now, and I’ll solve it for the next release. But I need one more thing from you ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I sent you a mail.

  3. Great app so far, just a couple of questions.

    If you enable facebook you have to set an exact update frequency, and the lowest if I’m correct is 15minutes. This means my gmail notifier will alert me but I can’t see it yet on the widget. Is there a way for you to make it where you can make the facebook work with the ‘update as message arrives’ option or set a lower minute check…as short as possible.


    1. No, the ‘refresh period’ is used only to FORCE a refresh.
      For Gmail and SMS, the widget show them as soon as they arrive in the original application (if your phone in not in LOW MEMORY).

      When the phone is in low memory, he is no more able to listen from incoming messages.

  4. Hi, I really like this app so far, I did have a question about the ‘unread messages’ tick box, when I select that so I only see unread, it only shows the unread SMS messages, and not my e-mail as well, am I doing something incorrect?


  5. Hi!
    I have an issue with updating my facebook status. Swedish accented characters are not published. E.g “mรถte” (meeting) is published as “mte”. Has anyone else experienced this? Otherwise a wonderful app!

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