Exchange in Android 2.0 and Calendars widgets

Exchange support have been added in the last Android 2.0.

Currently, my widgets doesn’t support it.

First, I need a Android 2.0 phone to improve and test my widgets… but no Android 2.0 phone exists in France at this time.
Unfortunnately, I can test only few things with the emulator, but not Exchange 😦

Another problem is : Android 2.0 framework sources release.
Google doesn’t provide Android 2.0 sources at this time.
Without sources, it is VERY difficult to know how to access Exchange informations from calendar.

If you really want to use my widget with Exchange, you can use ‘Touchdown Exchange’ which is able to sync Exchange with Google calendar.

EDIT : job done ! Pure calendar now support Droid Corporate calendar.


6 thoughts on “Exchange in Android 2.0 and Calendars widgets

  1. I’m looking forward to this! I loved my old Windows Mobile phone because it would have the next appointments from my exchange calendar right on the home screen. Once you get this figured out, it would also be really cool if you could put your next appointments on the lock screen so that you could just push a button to pull up the lock screen, see you next appointment was hours away, and then put it back in your pocket without having to unlock.

  2. Can’t you just download an android 2.0 SDK and use as an AVD? Would love to buy this widget but i need exchange support 🙂

  3. impossible to find on market your excellent pure calendar
    I have HTC magic, but with the Hero Rom installed a few weeks ago, and it s going very good
    Is it possible to download and install without market, purhaps by tha usb cable connection?
    Sorry my english is very bad
    Thanks a lot

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