Home replacements …

Home replacement softwares like aHome, dxTop or Panda Home doesn’t seems to like my widgets.
Open Home seems to work.

If you have problems, put them here !

Crash after ROM update

After ROM upgrade, it is STRONGLY recommended to uninstall / reinstall my softwares. If you do not, you’ll often have the ‘loading data …’ message.

Custom ROM

“It often crash with my custom ROM …”.
Sorry, but I can’t test all custom ROMs. If you send me a logcat, I can have a look. That’s all.


My applications are not yet optimized for Tatoo, it will come quickly.


Weather forecast widget doesn’t seems to run on Archos. This widget currently require a GSM network (to locate the device).

Pure messenger and gmail

You have to enter your gmail email in lower case. I’ll force it in the next release.


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