Week-end updates & problems


Summer/winter hours

few people report strange bugs with events of 10/24 or 10/25.
In some countries, we are changing from summer hours to winter hours.
It can have strange effects on some events.

Don’t worry, tomorrow, everything should be fine 😉

CyanoGen 4.1.9999 problem in Pure calendar

Last version should this problem.

Skin manager problems in Pure calendar

Same thing 😉


14 thoughts on “Week-end updates & problems

  1. (I posted this somewhere else on your site, but I’m not sure if that was the right place, so I’m posting again here)
    I installed the pure messenger widget yesterday and my messages appear for about 5 minutes and then they disappear and it gets stuck on “no messages” instead. I’m on cyanogen’s latest rom (4.2.1), running donut. I really like the concept of this widget and would rather have it work than get my money back. Please help.

    1. Here is my reply :


      Let’s check few things :
      – What ROM do you have ?
      – What did you active ? gmail ? sms ? email ? facebook ?
      – How many messages do you have ?
      – When you have 0 messages, what happened if you click on the left/right arrows ?

      I had this problem before, but no more now since 1.1.0.
      For direct message link to the message thread, the problem is for Gmail, not for SMS. But I don’t want a different behavior for all applications.
      To finish, I need you to send a logcat after the crash happened. This is very important. Without that, I won’t be able to fix anything.


  2. -Rom: Cyanogen 4.2.1
    -Active Accounts in the widget: Gmail and SMS (I didn’t know you could add Facebook to this widget)
    -Message count: Gmail Inbox-38, SMS-69
    -Nothing happens when the widget says I have 0 messages and I click right/left arrows.

    As for the log, do you want me to just collect the log on my entire phone when the widget stops working?

    1. I need the logcat when it happend.
      Can you try with only 24h (less messages ? or is it only for 1 day 107 msgs ????) :/

  3. I just ran a device log of my whole phone just now when it stopped working – do you want that? -i don’t have a log for this particular application, tho.

    And, I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking me about the number of messages… the numbers i gave you are a total of what’s in my inbox, it’s not the amount for the day.

  4. yes, I need the full device log just after the ‘crash’.

    to send it :

    ok for your message number.
    I read between 1 and 7 days, it depends how you configured the widget.

  5. Thanks !!!!!
    Problem found !

    You are on LOW MEMORY.
    low memory -> android kernel kills all running services -> no more messages

  6. Hi Francois,

    since the latest update to version 1.4.8 the pure calendar widget crashed every time I try to get it on my home screen. I have a HTC hero with the latest official rom.

    I get to the configure screen, but not any further (Save & Exit or Save & Skin). Android tells me that the application died unexpectedly…

    Any ideas?


  7. my problem seems to be fixed – i got rid of my on/off widgets on my home screen and replaced them with the useful switchers app and uninstalled mixzing bc that would come on sporadically (for no apparent reason) and just eat up my memory. there was also a rom update this morning – not sure if that helped at all or not. but, anyways, the point is, after all that was done, i haven’t had any more problems (it’s been running good for about 5 hours now). 🙂

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