Pure messenger 1.0.8

Revision log :
+ new 4×3 & 4×4 layouts
+ better reply management for gmail/emails
+ app chooser for Gmail/Hero
+ better refresh management
+ bug fix : unread counter not updated with fast redraw
+ multi widget support
+ bug fix : on delete widget, phantom widget can still be alive
+ improve performances for email listing
+ click on unread marker allow to jump to next unread message
+ option fast redraw to boost performances
+ solve a problem with HTML emails with POP/IMAP


12 thoughts on “Pure messenger 1.0.8

  1. Hi just updated to the latest version, and its getting better and better but the tapping on the email won’t open the email software on my hero anymore. The options are Gmail Regular (which dosen’t work) and Gmail Hero (which works fine) but I don’t use. I preferred the stock software Mail.
    Thanks Trudie

    1. So, it works or not ?

      Are you talikng about ‘Gmail’ or ‘Email’ ?
      Since I don’t have Hero, it’s difficult to test Hero apps.
      I didn’t know that there is an ‘HTC Mail’ client.
      I’ll see what I can do.
      For Email, it open ‘Email for Pure widget’ since you need it for email checking.
      Does HTC Mail client can read Gmail messages ?

      Can you clarify what you wish ?

      1. I use Google Mail in the HTC Mail client my only email account is google mail and I read and respond to messages using the HTC Mail software ‘Mail’. Its just picky I know but I don’t want to be directed to the ‘Google Mail’ software on the Hero when opening a message I like the ‘Mail’ software. Thanks for replying.

  2. OK, I just need a logcat of an HTC Hero after opening ‘HTC Mail’. To send a logcat, use ‘log collector’ available on the market.
    Then, I’ll be able to add it to next release.

  3. I like this widget a lot, but I’m still trying to figure out why to use it instead of simply using the notification bar, which leads to my suggestion: I wish this app was able to scroll through texts and emails in a 4×4 view that is threaded. A universal inbox. That way, I would have use for a widget and notifications.

    1. Notifications can warn you only for 1 or 2 next events.
      Here you can see 5, 10, 15 next events.
      You don’t have to examinate all notifications, here, you just power on the screen, you have your events. This is the existing reason of this widget. ALWAYS have your events under your eye.

      For scrolling, this is scheduled.

  4. I installed the pure messenger widet today and my messages appear for about 5 minutes and then they disappear and it gets stuck on “no messages” instead. I’m on cyanogen’s latest rom, running donut. I really like the concept of this widget and would rather have it work than get my money back. Please help.

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