Pure messenger : now support POP3 and IMAP

Big news for Pure messenger widget.

It supports Gmail, SMS, POP3 and IMAP messages now (may be Facebook and Twitter messages later).

Support for POP3 and IMAP was difficult because default Google Email client doesn’t offer external database read API (ContentProvider).
I didn’t want to develop my own email server checker, so, I decided to modify Google default email client to add this possibility (joy of open source).

This is exactly the SAME CLIENT (same abilities, same defaults … but I don’t want to MODIFY it, just add this feature).

To conclude: you have to INSTALL, CONFIGURE and USE this modified email client to enable ‘Pure messenger widget’ POP3 and IMAP messages reading.

This modified application is available on the Android market as ‘Email client for Pure widget’ (FREE) or here :

Google email client is open source, so I publish the modified sources :

As usual, if you have any problem, mail me.

Warning: don’t ask for any email client evolution/modification, I don’t want to modify this application.


8 thoughts on “Pure messenger : now support POP3 and IMAP

  1. wow i didnt think the email client could look any cutter
    oh and the facebook messeges part ….genius

    still i think u should enable separation of the email and sms just encase sms is important and u just have too much email always coming u know

  2. 😉

    for multiple widget support. I add it to the TODO list, but it won’t be easy since I drop this conception few time ago 😦 .

  3. I have the email client for pure messenger but cannot sign in with yahoo. Its a free account and it keeps telling me that my username/password is incorrect..it did notify me that not all yahoo accounts work..which accounts do?

  4. hi, im having the same problem with my yahoo accounts for the email client saying username/password incorrect when i know they are..i checked the link and it still didnt help me, i went in the manual setup way and it told me setup could not finish

  5. How do I empty the Trash folder or does it empty automatically? If automatically, how often? I’m using HTC Eris and I find nothing in the settings to empty the trash.

    1. Sorry but I don’t know.
      You have to remember that this is the default Google email client. I didn’t modify anything except sharing informations with the widget.

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