Vote ! Should I keep or remove the text shadow in pure calendar ?

I’d like to open a vote :
Should I keep or remove the text shadow in pure calendar widget (currently, it a grey show of 1 pixel).

I receive around 2 or 3 mails per week asking me to remove it. It cannot be optionnal (fonts or layouts have to be hardcoded in widget description).

So, what do you think about it ?

After one week vote (or 200 votes), I take the result and keep or remove the shadow.

To help you, here are screenshots with and without :


18 thoughts on “Vote ! Should I keep or remove the text shadow in pure calendar ?

  1. Please remove the shadow, because it increases the contrast and with contrast comes readability. Apart from that, it’s a great app!

  2. Voted for remove but still a great app regardless of outcome

    I LIKE this voting idea….you should do it more often

  3. :/ I can’t believe you are voting to take those off, use the transparent theme, a dark background, or a dark theme, it looks gorgeous with shadow.

    IMHO the white default skin is terrible. Even if it’s the standard look of premade widgets (that will change soon).

  4. Without the shadow, the white font looks bad with a transparent or nearly transparent background. I voted to keep it :D.

  5. I don’t yet have much android coding experience. But I think, you cann call aTextView.setShadowLayer(0, 0, 0, Color.WHITE) or aTextView.setShadowLayer(1,1,1,Color.BLACK) at runtime. This way it’s possible to toggle the shadow for the normal text views. I don’t know, if there are limitations for widgets.

    1. no, you don’t have access to individual Objects such as TextView in widgets, you only have access to a RemoteView……..

    1. Transparent skin ? but there is day bars… but it is possible to make a full transparent. Take example on ‘frandrdoid’ skin, and look in skin design guide available on this blog.

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