Tips : change color bars in Pure calendar and Pure grid calendar

Thanks to crazyjoezx from XDA for this screenshot ๐Ÿ˜‰


33 thoughts on “Tips : change color bars in Pure calendar and Pure grid calendar

  1. Hello!
    I have a question about the different calendars.
    I use two ‘my calendars’ and several ‘other calendars’ (for example the fbCal from and only the ‘my calendars’ appear on the Pure Calendar widget. Do you have any advises why this could happen? I activated the calendars and they appear after clicking on the widget in the Agenda!


      1. I am having this same problem only my personal calendars show up, the calendars that are shared with me do not.

      2. I assume this is in reply to me.. I hadn’t checked, but as it turns out I do not see them there. I guess this is probably a google issue, as getting support from them is impossible if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. (device is a Nexus One)

  2. Thanks for the great app, just what I’ve been looking for. Just got it today (only had my Eris running Android 1.5 for a week). I’m trying to sync info from google calendar. I’ve created different calendars in google so events have different colors(like categories). So far, only the Holidays calendar (from google) shows up in Pure Grid Calendar. I’ve tried adjusting the settings but can’t get any info to sync over. Can you tell what/if I’m not doing right?

  3. No. The additional ones I created for the ‘category’ effect don’t show up. However, the primary google account does but doesn’t sync any info either.

  4. Well, since receiving the latest upgrade, nothing syncs at all and has in fact caused 3 forced closures. I had great hopes for this little app but it seems I’ll have to continue my search for a decent calendar.

  5. I have this widget installed, fully updated. Ever since day 1 i can only see events as balls on the calendar not grid corners or colored lines. There is no way that i can find to change this.

    1. ‘corners’ have been removed, as the old default skin, to avoid HTC lawyers complains (as Beautiful widget), because this design was too close from HTC design.

  6. Hi. I am having almost the same issue as a previous poster but nothing forced closed. I am able to syn my calendars with google but instead of each calendar coming up a different color they all come up the same color. I have read many of the posts but no solutions that I have read (although I’m sure it’s “user” error ;)……

    Thanks for the help!

      1. Hi, i’m having the same problem on my new droid x. My google calendars are different colors on my desktop, but they are all the same blue color on this widget

      2. what color are used in the stock phone calendar application ?
        my application should use the same color… and there is no way to change the color from the phone.

  7. Chris.
    If you are referring to the grey balls that show up, in the Settings there is an option to Show Event Timeline that will enable it to have colored lines depending on which calendars on Google you have set up for each color. I tried asking the developer this question and the only answer I received was that isn’t a feature. Make sure also that you have actual different calendars set up on Google’s online calendar.

  8. Yes, you are right. There is no features to color the balls (you have to enable timeline to see calendars colors).
    May I’ll think about it (but this is difficult).

  9. No no, I was referring to the feature about the corners and it being too close to HTC’s interface, the only other way (if you want some color) is to instead use the Show Event Timelines so it has the colored lines on your Calendar Widget ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. hi, first of all AMAZING widget thank you so much for developing it.

    everything works fine for me except for one thing.

    yesterday i changed the color for one of my google calendars (in the same way as shown above), but the color change isn’t showing on the widget. i’ve tried refreshing, deleting the widget and then adding it again to the homescreen (reconfiguring it all over again), and also even tried to change the “size” of the bar to see if it might help, but nothing is working.

    am i doing something wrong?

    1. Hi,
      I think you need to wait for Google calendar phone app to sync colors.
      Are colors ok in the Android calendar application ?

  11. I have Pure Grid running on my Droid. Everything is updated (OS/App) to latest versions. I made three calendars (2 in addition to the main account) on google calendars to incorporate different colors. The ‘select calendar’ option is not displaying the two additional calendars. How do I get these calendars to appear? Thank you for your help.

    1. Do you see those calendars in the main Android calendar application ?
      If not, you need to force the sync of those new calendars from the stock calendar application (menu -> …).

  12. hi, the stock calendar app uses one color – blue. That’s why i didn’t want to use it. But in my Google calendar, all five calendars are different colors. I thought your app fwould use the google colors?

  13. Thanks for this help!
    I see now that I can change the color bar for the Google calendar. However, I use an Outlook Exchange calendar and is showing up as yellow. How can I change the color for the Outlook?

    By the way, I am impressed by this widget and the fact that it automatically connected to the Outlook and Google calendar!

  14. Been using Pure Calendar Widget for a couple years. I have 3 calendars displayed, each with its own color bar. Occasionally, calendar entries from the same calendar will have different colors.

    I have tried all sorts of ways to get the colors to come up correctly, but nothing works. The problem will go away by itself, be gone for weeks or months, and then come back.

    Any ideas?


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