Updates of Pure widgets

What’s new ?

Pure calendar 1.4.0 > Revisions log :
+ program refresh at midnight change change current day
+ add widget edge space
+ new line space processing
+ skin transparency option
+ redesign 4*x default skins
+ bug fix with past events without next events

Pure grid 1.0.5 > Revisions log :
+ program refresh at midnight change change current day
+ scrolling working for 4×3 & 4×2
+ new 4×2 3 weeks
+ remove refresh button
+ color bar width configurable
+ remove text shadow for past events
+ increase transparency for past events (50% -> 30%)
+ skin transparency option
+ update past events when events come to past


15 thoughts on “Updates of Pure widgets

  1. Bonjour,
    Dans le révision log je lis :
    + scrolling working for 4×3 & 4×2
    + new 4×2 3 weeks

    De quoi s’agit t’il ?… je ne trouve aucun moyen de faire défiler… ni ce format trois semaines.

    Ai-je raté quelques chose.

    En tous cas, merci beaucoup pour ce widget qui à lui seul justifie de passer à Androïd !

    1. Il s’agit bien du defilement de x semaines/mois quand on tape sur le premiere/derniere cellule. C’est ce que j’appele ‘scrolling’.

  2. Je me réponds : je crois bien qu’il y a eu inversion dans les descriptions des deux widget.

    C’est dommage, Pure Calendar scrollable, je trouvais l’idée géniale !

    euh, c’est envisageable ??? ;o)

  3. Hi Francois,

    Great widget!

    1 question. I have 6 calendars i follow in the widget. however the colors of some are the same… is there an option to change the colors of the bars?


  4. Bon, j’ai un probléme : je viens d’acheter pure grid et je ne sais plus lequel utiliser.

    Les deux sont super dans leur genre, tant et si bien qu’on se prend à rêver du widget ultime qui mixerait les deux.

    Y’aurait pas un développement prévu dans ce sens ?

  5. Hi again.
    About the Grid:
    I find it very useful, but the only thing that annoys me a bit is when you press a date the appointments of the days show immediately. When you press another date shortly after there’s a bit of lag before it show the new date.
    I guess it because the Grid calendar show a specific date in X seconds. Is it possible to change that, so that when you press another date shortly after it will display immediately…

    Regards 🙂

  6. I’m having trouble getting my Pure Calendar widget to refresh itself to reflect the time/calendar/dates/events. I can’t find any refresh/synchronization options to tweak on the interface and each time I have to do a ‘Save & Exit’ for the widget to refresh.

    I know its supposed to program refresh at midnight change change current day but it doesn’t do that either.

    Wondering if you could assist me in this problem? That would be immensely helpful

    1. To refresh, you have multiple options :
      – periodical refresh (if it doesn’t works, you have a serious problem with your phone … ROM testing ?)
      – on calendar modification (add/remove event)
      – midnight refresh will come in next release this week-end (and will be automatic).
      – refresh button

  7. “add widget edge space”
    did you? It still seems to reach the very edge of the screen… Leaving that little space before the edge (like grid) would be so much nicer…

    1. I have added 2 pixels on default skins.
      I can’t satisfy everybody since everybody ask something different. And most ask for more informations and less space….

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