Answers to emailed questions


I am back from my holiday trip.

I’ll try to resume here all answers (more than 100 emails avout widgets during this 15 days).

Sorry if you don’t find your answer.

– I don’t have access to pay market, how can I buy ‘Pure calendar widget’

Currently, it’s impossible.
PayPal is a headack to manage (have to receive/check/answer mails for each transaction).
Slideme seems to ask fees for non US citizens.
If somebody have have a good idea about this …

– I can’t find ‘Pure calendar widget’ on market, why ?

This widget have been published with ‘google copy protection’.
It seems that this protection have some issues :
– with some custom ROMs, it doesn’t works … (ADP ?)
– with some not authorized phones (such as Samsung Galaxy), it may not be available yet. You have to wait for Google phone registration (phone operator request).

More informations here :

– Can you add more text colors ?

I’ll add a ‘color picker’ to choose all color you want !

– Can you add more sizes for your widgets ?

Each time I add sizes, it uses more RAM, more code … and it becomes harder to maintain.
So I try to limit widget sizes.
I think I’ll add :
– Pure calendar : 2×3 (no 3xY, I think it’s ugly, not well balanced)
– Weather forecast : 4×4

– Ebobirthday events are missing, why ?

I have to check this …

– Widgets doesn’t works with aHome …

I’ll test it.

– I can’t buy/download the application on Android Market (but I see it)…

You have to check your credit card. If your account is not confirmed, you won’t be able to download it.
If everything seems ok, contact Google. I can’t do anything on this part.


54 thoughts on “Answers to emailed questions

  1. “1.1.0 : enable “font padding” to avoid text top/bottom text cut + fix month number in day string for ‘DD/MM’ or ‘MM/DD’ + hide past events in current day + works with sync fully disabled”


    is there any way to show the past events in the current day?

    I need it because i use an ical feed who updated the events in the night (there are USA events and i´m in Europe) so the calendar never shows the current events and only the future ones.

    Congrats for the app!

  2. i recently had to wipe my phone and reinstall cyanogen 4.0.4 and when i went to start up the calendar it couldnt. it was working fine before and i like the widget but i have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but to no avail any ideas.

    1. Hello,
      I’am running cyano 4.0.4, and it works fine. Can you send me your logcat (use ‘log collector’ on market) just after widget insertion ?

  3. Hi there
    Great app – thanks a lot! First paid app on my Hero (great idea to use SlideMe for nonUS citizens).

    One question: Could you please describe a little more thoroughly how to use the quick-event insertion option? What exactly to type to quick-create an event at a certain date, starting at this-o’clock, ending at that-o’clock?

    Thank you!

      1. In 1.3.7, you an specify date, time and location.
        But it doesn’t support “am/pm”

        for time : “23:00” or “23h00”
        for date, it depends of date format you select in configuration panel.
        If you configure a US date format (month/day), you’ll have to type “9/13 test”. If you select a euro date format (day/month), you have to invert : “13/9 test”

        In 1.3.8 version, you’ll be able to use “11pm” or “31/12 11p diner”

  4. Hi
    First of all thank you for a great application.

    If it is possible it would be great if you could have one or two events on the lock screen.

    I hope it will be possible to add this feature and thereby make this application even better.


      1. Thanks.

        And also suggest to have “week” mode (start on Sunday) and “7-days” mode

        so that user can scan which day in the week are available easily

        thanks 🙂


  5. Like one oft the other commenters, this is my first paid app! WTG! I realise this has been alluded to elsewhere, but i cant locate an option to set refresh/sync settings on the latest build i dldld. Can anybody help me out,

  6. Great app,

    I like how you put so much of your time into it,

    Looking forward to choosing my own text colours via a ‘color picker’

    Wondering how your Email widget will fair compared to the Hero one – will i be able to make it transparent and change its size? etc. etc.

    Guess i might just have to buy it and see for myself

    Keep up the good work

  7. I tried the weather widget on my Droid, but it doesn’t update, despite uninstalling and reinstalling (forfeiting my refund), using safe update mode, and setting my app manager to exclude all apps from being killed. Are you presently working on a release for Android 2.0?

  8. First let me say thank you and what a great app this is; it is exactly what I have been looking for! How do we change the colors associated with different calendars? I have selected “show event calendar color as bars” but I need to edit the colors. Right now they are all shades of blue and I cant tell them apart.

  9. I only have a color bar at the top, and only blue when I use this app on my Motorola Droid. I noticed you have bars on the side.
    How can I change it to be so the color bar is on the left side, and the whole widget is basically transparent except for the text?

    Great app if I can get the functionality…seems like it works fine for everyone else?

  10. This widget doesn’t work with my motorola qlick. It doesn’t display any events in the widget other than US holidays. Help

    1. It should works fine with Moto Cliq.
      Do you sync Google calendar ? Exhcange calendars ?
      Did you check common problems page ?
      Do you see all google events in the stock calendar app ?

  11. Bonjour, j’ai acheté pure grid calendar aujourd’hui en pensant que c’était pareil que pure calendar, enfin l’agenda, auquel finalement je n’ai pas acces avec mon liquid. Bref c’est pas ce que je cherchais mais je trouve ca pas mal, ca vaux le prix, bon boulot. Du coup je voulais juste savoir s’il serait possible de traduire le menu en fr parce qu’etant une quiche en anglais je capte pas tout. Et aussi, est il possible de faire un lien avec les taches de l’agenda google, ou juste un point pour voir la tache a faire sur le calendrier?. Merci.

  12. Can you add native Remember the Milk suport? I currently have to use Astrid as a conduit which I’d rather not have to do.

    Awesome app though. All your apps are pretty awesome.

    1. Hi,
      sorry, no, I won’t.
      2 main reasons :
      – why Remember the mailk and not another one ? (ToodleDo, …)
      – Pure CALENDAR has no vocation to sync any data. I read external databases to get informations, here is the concept. Sync is not a good thing for widgetst.

  13. I just purchased your program. The widget only shows my Touchdown calendar on the screen. I thought. It would show both my Touchdown and Google calendars combined in one view?
    Was I mistaken? I am using a Droid X.
    Thank you.

    1. Are Google calendars events visible in the stock calendar application ?
      Did you search in the FAQ section on the blog ?

  14. How do i disable the messenger from advanced task killer because i get the messsage please disable any task killer but it appears to be disabled. I have advanced task killer. Also i have a droid x and this is the first time for me working on this os.

    i when i want to send an sms or gmail reply i get the please disable from task killer message. It appears to be disabled. I have the droid x. Also i’m new to this os. Any help is appreciated.

    1. You don’t need any task killer since Android already has it’s own internal task killer.
      I strongly advise to uninstall it.

  15. This widget does not work on my Evo. The widget shows up but there are no tasks or events displayed. I’ve tried it with both HTC Sense and Launcher Pro. Other agenda widgets work fine and sync with all my calendars and tasks. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      do you still have the problem ? nobody reported such problem with EVO…
      if yes, please, contact me by email (see about page)

  16. i have been successfully using this app sine i got my droid, but after the recent update, i cannot figure out how to modify the calendar so it just shows the upcoming events in list form under the date heading. instead, i have a full month calendar with titles so small i cant read them. how do i change the layout style? i have tried every setting with no success. thanks!!

    1. I don’t understand.
      Are you talking about Pure calendar ?
      Did you read FAQs ? you can already sync Facebook events with service.

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