Pure Calendar widget

Released on market !!!

Calendar / agenda informations in widget.

Lot of options. Skinnable.

At this time, it works only with Google synchronized calendars.

Layouts: 4×2, 4×1, 4×3, 4×4


– when I install the widget, I choose ‘no automatic update’ in refresh period, and phone crash.

Yes, I found a bug in 1.2.0, ‘no automatic update’ make a application no end loop… until phone crash. Use ’12h’ … it works fine !

Screenshots :


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    1. For calendar, did you choose ‘Hero calendar’ in the configuration panel ? It was tested and it is functionnal on Hero …
      For update, there is no visual effect (just a small vibration) … are you sure it doesn’t update ?

    1. Hello,
      I know but I think this problem is due to google copy protection set on this app. Cyano doesn’t seems to handle it very well. I don’t know why….
      I look at it after my holiday trip.

  1. I have problems with my calendar. In the morning my widget is often empty. I can not update. I must close
    my phone and start it again. Why? Sorry for my english.

  2. Hello, and please apologize my english…
    1st : Thank you very much for your application, i use it everyday on my hero !!!

    but in order to help you to enhance the application here nare my comments…
    – i would like to have a maximum information in a minimum space (you’re on my “home”!!!), so
    – i would prefer not to have the today date on top of the widget
    – i would like to be able to scroll on the widget view to see next appointements (like the “intenet preferred sites widget”
    – i really would like it to be able to enter appointements in landscape…

    Sorry to seem so unhappy of your application because it is not the case .. it is already very helpful!!!! and again thanks for your great job !!!

  3. Hello, this is an amazing app! I love the customizability (if that is a word) and the skins available for this. I am having trouble, however, with all day events not showing up. I am not sure if this is a bug you are working on or this will never beimplemented.


  4. I would seriously consider purchasing your excellent Pure Calendar but paid apps are not available on the Canadian Market and it isn’t found on SlideMe either. Is there any other way to buy it?

  5. i like the app but it only has 2 choices for calendars and i use another one with google called “races”, but there is no option to choose this one. also how many days at a time are supposed to show on the screen? thanks

  6. in the google calendar area you can add to your “my calendar” section, so i added another calendar to keep track of upcoming race events called ” Running Events”. i deleted the weather calendar that was there by default. thanks again. and i am running on the cyanogen rom and the app works fine, not sure what the other person is having trouble with.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for Pure Calendar: really useful and well done widget.

    That being saind, I have the same problem as Annemarie Wegmann with Pure Calendar 1.3.6 on Canadian Rogers HTC Magic (rooted, using HOFO commuity ROM), i.e. the widget is often empty when I turn on the device each morning. It won’t update and opening the (Cupcake) Calendar will result in a “force close”. After force close, the widget update is going fine. I don’t remember having experienced this problem with version 1.3.1.

    1. Hello,
      I need you to send your ‘logcat’ (log from android system).
      You need to install ‘log collector’ (available on market), reproduce the problem, wait 30s, and send the logcat 🙂

  8. Last monday I bougth Pure Calendar in Pay Pal web, using the system and the web that you had told me.
    Yesterday I received the link for download the aplication but it wasn’t Pure Calendar, it was Weather forecast aplication.
    How or what I have to do to have Pure Calendar in my phone?


      1. I have exactly the same problem as above, all i am getting is the info page but no application.
        I hit the “done” at the bottom and it just takes me back to my homescreen.
        I’m using the HTC Tatoo.

        Please help!

      2. DID YOU READ THE PAGE ??????

        READ THE INFORMATION PAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi. Amazing app.! One problem. Sometimes the widget doesen’t show any info. The native calendar doesn’t work when that happens. When I kill the nativecalendar in Taskiller everything workes fine again. I have a HTC Hero with newest update from HTC.

  10. It seems that landscape mode support has broken with version 1.4. I commonly use the 4×2 widget, and in previous versions when I went widescreen it would fill the whole screen left-to-right.

    However with version 1.4, when going widescreen it becomes a 3×2 widget, and the bottom of the layout gets cut off in a less-pretty fashion (no rounded bottom corners).

    Thought you would want to know!

    1. I had multiple solutions for landscape management.
      I’ll take an example with a 4×2 skin :
      – either I stretch the skin image ‘320×200’ to fit the landscape size (~400×160) > the old solution, but it has really bad looking with skins with details like day bar
      – either I fit (proportional) the skin image in 400×160, result is a 200×160 > very small, unreadable, technique used with ‘pure grid’
      – either I recalculate all the page when screen is rotating, and each time you provide a skin, you have to provide 2 images (portrait & landscape) > very boring to have to create 2 images for 1 skin, use a lot of CPU to redraw the widget when rotating
      – either I keep the normal image, and it cut the bottom to fill 400×160 > the current new solution.

      My conclusion is : the is no perfect solution, but I hate to see stretched images in old version (especially with default skins), I prefer to cut the bottom. And landscape mode is not the main mode (lot of people doesn’t have Home/widgets in landscape if they don’t have a G1/Dream, but Magic, Hero or Galaxy).
      In future version, I’ll just center it in landscape (currently aligned on left border = dirty).

  11. Bonjour,

    Bon l’auteur étant francophone il me semble, je me permets d’écrire en fr 😀

    J’adore Pure Calendar mais (comme la place est chère sur les 3 bureaux du magic) serait-il possible pour une prochaine version de faire un widget 4×1 plus “compressé”, c’est à dire avec la possibilité d’avoir 2 jours visibles au lieu d’un seul ?
    Un peu comme calwidget (mais il est vraiment moche et pas du tout personnalisable)

    Sinon beau boulot, bonne continuation !

    1. Bonjour,
      je sais que le 4×1 affiche peu d’informations, mais c’est trop compliqué de faire ENCORE un format différent.
      Le 2×2 affiche beaucoup plus d’informations pour le même nombre de cellules.
      Avec 3 bureaux, il doit bien rester un peu de place quelque part.

  12. HI.

    I AM a loyal customer who bought all 4 of you’re widgets! Great work.

    On the messenger widget, I have both gmail and sms selected and to update on message arrival. The gmail works fine but none of my sms show up. I am running classic sms on donut build.

    Thanks mate!

    1. Thanks for your support 😉

      I’ll check on Donut for SMS. I haven’t been able to do it since my SIM card is in my Cupcake phone.

  13. Hi,

    I’ve got a problem with my HTC Magic (cyanogen 4.0.4) and Pure Calendar 1.4.0. Sometimes the widget show some events two times, once one day before the date and second the real day of event. This only occur with “all day” events, if the same event has set an hour the calendar show it correctly.

    Any idea about this?


  14. acheté. Seul gros bémol, un décalage d’une heure a tous mes rdv. Il faudrait tenir compte du fuzeau horaire ( je suis a l’heure gmt+1 : paris)

    1. Ca tient compte des fuseaux horaires. Seulement, en ce moment, on est en heure d’ete, c’est donc GMT+2 (et non +1) qu’il faut configurer.

  15. I love the widget when it works. I have the new Sprint HTC Hero and once I power cycle my phone I just get loading data. I have to delete and reinstall the widget every time. There is also a weird effect when selecting calendars where you can only see the check marks while scrolling. I am able to work around this since the calendar names come back once I touch the screen.

  16. I have a serious problem with the pure calendar widget on my HTC hero (ROM 2.73.405). After updating to version 1.4.3 I am no longer able to insert a calendar view to my screen. I waited for an update hoping the problem would be fixed, but after updating to 1.4.4 the problem remains.

    After configurating my preferred options i select “safe and exit” and then I get a message in my native language that the application has stopped unexpectedly. Sometimes when I try this it continues 1 step further to a black screen but nothing happens.

    Tested using:
    – 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4 layout
    – Hero calender, internal calendar
    – Skin and no skin
    – Selecting events from all, some or one of my calendars
    – Selecting various different options
    – “Keep active” option enabled/disabled

    Hope this helps fixing the bug, because I got used to the application and realy mis it now!

  17. Hi !
    Great job you done.
    Unfortunatly, I’m having that message now ‘Loading data…’ and nothing happens.
    I’ve updated with your 2 last versions. Same pb. I’m using an updated Hero.
    I’ve tryed several sizes of the widget, with/without skins.
    I’m using 9 google cadendars.

    1. You are the 3rd one to have problem with Hero. 😦
      I need you to send a logcat (use ‘log collector’ from market) after widget insertion (30 seconds after), then reboot and send another one 1 minute after reboot.
      Use ALL DEFAULTS settings for this test.

      1. I must appologize for my premature conclusion regarding a problem in Pure Calendar Widget. It seems like the problem is not caused by your application but by the Android OS.
        After posting a PR on you webpage I found a general problem solver on an android forum: re-installing applications sometimes fixes explainable problems. After uninstalling and installing Pure Calendar Widget everything works like a charm!

        The fact that more Hero owners are reporting problems could be explaned by the fact that a new ROM version was released recently and people are now updating their devices.

        Thanks for the quick response and dedication to this issue.

  18. Thanks Allard !
    Even if my Hero update has been made for more almost 2 monthes, I tryed what you said.
    Insted of just updating, I removed the widget then re-installed it.
    It’s fine now !
    Relaxe François, it’s not a bug of yours…

  19. I haver problem with pure calendar. The widget display rdv inédit date in advance. For example, my rdv of 27 october on my calendar is planned the 26 octobre in widget.
    This problèm occurred Only for rdv Planned after the 25 october.

    In France, we change hour to winter time This we.(-1 hour).
    Maybe the -1 is applied to date instead to hour?


    1. Hello,

      Which version you have ? it was solved few versions ago, and it works fine for me (I live in France …)

      I tried to set following appointements :
      – on 22/10 at 8h
      – the 26/10 at 8h…
      – the 27/10 full day
      all works fine.

      Can you check your timezones ? in android and on google agenda website ?
      Can you try to manually create events on the phone to test ?

  20. Really nice widget! I like it very much.
    Actually I found a problem: it shows the contents of monday the 26th labeled with sunday the 25th and the sunday is twice on the screen. One time with the real content and another time with the content of monday. Restart the G1 (FW 1.5) didn’t make the trick…

  21. Bonjour,

    j’utilise la version lite, 1.3.8 je crois, c’est la derniere du market. J’ai verifié le fuseau horaire de google calendar, même probleme.


    1. LITE version has this bug … (based on 1.3.8, old version)
      bug is solved now, but LITE version is no more supported.
      You have to get pay version. Try it, if you don’t like it, you have 24h to get refound.

    1. can you explain more, with a really example…

      I think you have to check your timezones (on phone and google calendar website)

    1. Hi,
      Do you use an official ROM ?
      Can you send me a logcat after reboot (use ‘log collector’ from the market to do it) ?

  22. Hi,

    Great widget – my first purchase off the market, and worth it!

    However, would it be possible to either configure what calendar screen it opens (I like the week view), or move the calendar to the right month before opening agenda. This would get around the bug in the agenda where it only shows the current month (android issue 2547 which shows no sign of being fixed)

    Best wishes, Neil

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the info and sorry I hadn’t seen that page before. I tried a number of the free calendar widgets before deciding to purchase this one. A number of them manage to just open the calendar on the view that was previously used (ie. I keep mine on week view), rather than always on the Agenda. Would this be a possible option?

      Best, Neil

  23. i ten d to flash my phone alot and everytime the pure calendar widget needs to be uninstall and then reinstalled. now it wonr even give me the option on the market to uninstall or reinstall. it doesnt show in my list of apps but when i go to the market it says it is installed (which it is not) and wont let me uninstall or install the app. do you have any ideas.

  24. Thank you for the nice calendar Widget. I enjoy its possibilities and skins.
    Could you add the following choise:
    If I now click on the widget it opens in an overview of the agenda appointments.
    Could it also open in the week planner of the month planner (standard Google agenda)? Then I have straight away an overview of the possibilities of planning a new appointment.

  25. Just purchased but your widget doesn’t support ‘Corporate Calendar’ on the new Moto Droid (With android 2.0) Any plans to in the near future?

    1. Yes, but this is a brand new functionnality in Android 2.0.
      And I am not able to test it with Android SDK 2.0 since it doesn’t include Exchange (additionnal software not provided by Google).

      So : I need a Android 2.0 phone to test it, and that doesn’t exist in France at this time.

  26. The widget doesn’t seem to render correctly on Motorola Droid. I’ve got a lot of margin on the left and right sides that could be filled with text. Also, the skin doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom. To give an idea, I have the 4×4 widget on a home page. The skin occupies what looks like 4×3, and the text (date strings and events) occupies what looks like 2×4. Is this a bug? When might it be fixed?

  27. I need help downloading this widget onto my android Mytouch… i tried downloading it but it said unsuccessful and i purchased it already!!!!!!!

      1. Okay, I am using a Motorola Droid on Verizon. The first choice I have is “Select Calendar Application” with choices of “Cupcake”, “Hero” and “Quick”. What are these? This is my 4 smart phone, the first two being Palm based, the last being Windows Mobile and now an Android. SO forgive me if I have trouble learning the new system as I was just getting used to the old one.

      2. You are wrong ……….
        Cupcake is the name of Android 1.5
        Donut = 1.6
        Eclair = 2.0
        HTC Hero is a phone
        Quick calendar is an alternative calendar tool.
        For MotoDroid, select Cupcake, it should works.

      3. is there a way to add colored coding to my monthly calendar? When I have an “event” on my calendar, a grey dot appears on the day in monthly view. Is there any way to change the color of it? I work day shift on some days and nightshift on others, so it would be helpful to be able to look at the monthly calendar and tell what shift I am working.

      4. Is it possible to assign a different color for different events? I wish to assign one color to day shifts and one color to night shifts.

  28. Hello I decided to download this but was not sure what size to chose how do i change it?
    And it is exactly what I was lookin for

  29. Having a problem acessing internal calender through widget to add event. Please fix or help. I had an HTC touch and now have a mororla cliq. Thanks

  30. Is there a way to give events different colors? For instance, if I want to give Day shifts a different color than Night shifts?

  31. I can’t find the color coded calendar widget you display on the examples screen in Market. I want to display different colors on a one month calendar. Please help.

  32. Can you make a repeat of event selection for every two weeks? That comes in handy when scheduling child visitation.

  33. There is a problem with the Sprint HTC Hero that doesn’t allow me to see copy protected items. http://androidforums.com/sprint-htc-hero/19468-missing-apps-marketplace-post-patch.html I was wondering if there is any chance that you could turn off copy protection for a short time for the pure calendar widget. I had this program before and I lived off it . I understand if you cannot do this. In any case you should be aware that a large audience does not have access to your wonderful app.

  34. I’ve switched to the Pure Calendar widget from the calendar + weather one because the forecasts were inaccurate here in Australia. I have to say the pure calendar is excellent.

    One thing I’d like is for it to take the colours I label all my calendars with in Google Calendars. My two most important calendars (personal and work) are coming up as blue and purple, which aren’t very contrasting. I switched their colours in Google Calendars but they don’t come through. That would be really nice.

  35. Hey,
    I purchased the pure calendar widget for my moto droid and there r some minor issues like when it is in a 4×1 in landscape mode the calendar entries disappear. Another issue is the size of the top borders on most of the skins being to small and going through the middle of the date text, as well as the icons in the top right corner. Hopefully there is a way to fix these issues other then that its a good app.


    1. Hi,
      for Droid skins problems, I am working on. For 4×1, It’s strange that it dissapear. I’ll try.
      Thanks for that bug report.

  36. Cannot get it to work. I have a android, running outlook to gmail. Gmail shows all calender items, but I get nothing when I sink this widget? Help!

  37. Hi,

    I’ve acquired the pure calender widget through pay pal some minutes ago and the application that I’ve download was release version 1.4.4.
    I was expecting to download the most recent application that, according to androlib website, would be 1.5.8. Is this correct?

    Another questions is how to update the pay the widget I’ve installed on my phone?

    Thank you,

  38. I’ve just downloaded this widget for my Samsung Behold II. I cannot get it to get past “loading data…” It’s been in this state for a few hours.

  39. The only thing I would like to see on this widget is the ability to click on an event and be directly taken to the event. The app “Agenda Widget” can do this. Hopefully you can put it as an option in a future update. Otherwise, perfect app. Thanks!

  40. I really like this agenda/calendar widget. It is very clean and simple, yet still featureful. It would be even better if there was a 3×1 size option. Then I could put your 1×1 weather widget next to it and the top row of my homescreen would be perfect!

  41. I purchased this widget and I can’t access my corporate calendar. If it doesn’t support this it should be stated on the purchase page. Is tis going to be supported in the future?

  42. I purchase this widget but it does not offer to show my corp calendar. Is this supported? If not that should be stated on the purchase page. Is this going to be supported in the future???


  43. I apologize. I see that you have published 1.5.7 which supports exchange accounts. How do I get this. I purchased the widget 30 mins ago and it says I have 119 version.

    1. Pure calendar is in version 1.5.9 and support Corporate calendar.
      Pure grid calendar is in version 1.1.9 and will support Corporate calendar in 1 or 2 days.

  44. Please could you make it possible to show only tasks with a date as the list is too long if it includes undated tasks. If this could be an option it would make the addition of Astride fabulous.

  45. I have created several sub calendars through google. My question is how can i or is it possible for the pure Calender to show the colors of the sun calenders? Maybe i just dont know how to do it? for example, i have my doctors appointments on their own calender so they show up in green, church related stuff in another sub calender in yellow, etc. I really love the droid but i miss my palm calender. Any suggestions?

    1. I don’t understand what is your ‘sun’ calendar …
      All that I can do is show the Google calendar color. There is no category management.

  46. I bought Pure Calendar a while back and I just updated my G1 to Eclair and now I can’t find pure calendar on the market, I only see the pure calendar grid. Also I can’t find it on Slide ME.

  47. I love your apps and thanks for all your hard work. I know your messenger widget is for messages but it would be amazing to have a call log option. I think the new list view is great too.

    Thanks again

  48. Hi,
    Just to inform you that I don’t see pure calendar on the market anymore with my official updated hero.
    I bought your latest version with paypal but it’s strange that I find all the ‘pure’ widgets but calendar.
    By the way, a nice option could be to enable removal of the date for today events to save space for example with the 4×1 size.
    Well, the small font is already a great improvement.

  49. I am trying to select a skin where the days that have events/holidays would display a color. I all I currently have is grey dots. How can’t I change this?

      1. Hi,

        I’m also facing this problem?
        I’ve acquired release 1.5.8 and I’m having the same problem.
        Do I need to buy the widget again to update it to solve this problem?

        Thank you,

      2. Hi,

        I’ve tried searching on the market but it doesn’t provide any result to my search (either “pure calendar” or just “pure).
        Perhaps this is related with my network (from Portugal).
        Is there any other way I could get the update?

        Thank you,

      3. It means you do not access to protected applications on the market (already explained on that blo, please, search).
        And there is not solution for that.

      4. I saw few updates talking about week numbers and your answer with the wikipedia link, but, with the last version available (1.6.7), today (monday 4 january) pure calendar shows week 2 instead of week 1. Is there something I don’t understand or is it a bug?
        Thanks for your work and your answer

      5. Where are you located ? USA ?

        EDIT : lol … no ! ‘@free.fr’ 😉

        donc, tu es francais aussi. Tres bien !
        Je vais tester en conf FR alors.

        EDIT2 :apres un premier test en conf FR, je n’ai pas de soucis, c’est bien la semaine 1 (pour le 04/01/10).
        EDIT3: et pareil en conf US.

      6. Curieux, je suis sur un HTC magic ROM officielle (1.6) paramétré en FR aussi. Seul google calendar était paramétré en US. Je viens de le repasser en FR et de supprimer/réinstaller le widget pour être sûr et j’ai toujours “Aujourd’hui (2)” d’afficher.

      7. Malheureusement, ça ne change rien. J’ai supprimé/réinstallé le widget après le reboot au cas où, vérifié les paramètres de dates/heure, mais je ne vois rien d’anormal.

      8. C’est une histoire de fou…
        Tu es sur que tu as la version 1.6.7 ?
        EDIT : Je viens de tester sur mon G1 en ROM 1.5, et ca marche aussi.

      9. Malheureusement, je suis sûr, j’ai vérifié dans le panneau de gestion des applis, c’est indiqué version 167. J’ai même désinstallé pure calendar et je l’ai réinstallé depuis le market. Ca ne change rien.
        J’ai modifié la date du téléphone. Quand je remonte au 31 décembre, ça indique semaine 53, au 1er janvier, semaine 1, au 4 janvier, semaine 2.

      10. I don’t know how to ‘fix’ it since:
        – I get the week number from Android OS
        – I display it without modification
        – It works fine on my G1 (cyanogen) and my Milestone : 01/06/2010 = week no1

        EDIT: oups ! sorry, my mistake, I found a bug … I’ll publish a new version in few minutes !

      11. Great 😉 I’m waiting …
        Nevertheless, the PureCalendar is one of the best applications for my G1. An even better integration to tasks (astrid) might be desirable (no need to use specially adapted versions of astrid; task syncing doesn’t work sometimes; …).
        Would it be possible to create a widget 4×4 which displays the week in a same way as it happened to be with datebk2 on palm (2 columns, each w 3 days, weekend half sized, dates and tasks within the same view, different calendars use different text colors …)? Thanks!

      12. Published (1.6.8) !
        I hope it will fix it (week numbers).

        Astrid integration will evolve during next weeks.
        Did you installed Astrid1.0.2 ? Sync works fine for me.
        For code merge with default version, this is in progress; I have submitted my code to the main dev.

        For datebk2, can you send me a screenshot ?

  50. I’d like the transparency to go to zero, but even at the slider bar’s zero setting, there is transparency remaining in the right side of the widget which I find distracting. Otherwise, great app.

    In the future, it’d be great to include dated Google tasks on the widget.


    1. You just need to create a full transparent skin 😉
      I’ll try to add it soon.

      For Google Tasks, the ball is in Google hands. Currently, no API is available. Only dirty HTML parser allow Gtasks to work. I don’t want to integrate dirty things like that. This is the reason why I work with Astrid for tasks management.

  51. He comprado y descargado el Pure Calendar desde el Android Market a mi HTC Hero y sólo me aparece la página de información, pero el programa no se abre. ¿Por qué? ¿Qué debo hacer?

  52. Very nice app, thank you. One request: I checked the box to substitute “today” and “tomorrow” for the dates. But then it does it even on the top header… so it always says “Today” at the top of the widget. I would like to see the current date at the top, but then have it say “today” or “tomorrow” just for individual events.

  53. I am using Home and pretty often when I wake up my screen and unlock and swipe to my pure calendar screen it will just be showing 3 or 4 days instead of 6 or whatever can fit on the full 4×4 widget I have up.

    Then I have to click on the settings button and scroll all the way down and hit “save and exit.” Then it takes a few seconds to refresh but then it populates the full widget again. If this was fixed I would have zero problems with the widget. Hopefully I don’t have to get rid of Home . Kinda starting to like it… 🙂

  54. Hi!

    Is there a way to show Astrid tasks which have no due date assigned in the widget? Love the tool, but I also want to see my task list on my 4×4 widget.

    Thanks very much!


  55. Love your products but I ended up unstalling both the Grid Calendar and Agenda. I wanted to have both on the same screen (Grid Calendar 4×3 and Agenda 4×1)but I just didn’t like the look of the calendar showing only 3 weeks on 4×3. I have a Droid which has a huge screen and there is a lot of space that the Grid Calendar can fit perfectly in full month on 4×3.
    I really like the design of your products so I will be keeping a close eye on updates for these and hoping that it could be done.

    Thank you!!

  56. 1.6.8 fixes the week number issue, thanks a lot!
    Appreciating this very fast reaction and bugfixing!!

    When thinking about a view similar to dateBk6’s week view … might it be possible to supply that with buttons “next” / “prev” / “goto week” ? This would resove many handling issues … thx.

    1. Good, thanks for the report.

      For the view you asked, I am not convinced 😦
      It’s good for an application view, but I found it awful for a widget… and there is a lot of work to realize something like that.

  57. Can you make 3×3 widget?
    Also sometimes the calendar doesn’t update and I have to frequently hit the refresh button… on Motorola Droid… thanks

    1. I ALREADY added 3×3 in the last update (1.6.8) 😉
      For refresh, that is VERY strange because it works fine on my Droid and my G1, and nobody else reported that problem.

  58. I have an issue with the widget.
    The ‘settings’ indicate that tapping on the widget will OPEN a calendar (app not widget)….but I can not get this feature to work (and I want to).
    If I tap on a date…the ‘day view’ opens and if I tap anywhere else – nothing happens

    1. It means you didn’t select the good Calendar application.
      Did you update to last version ? 1.6.9 ?
      Which phone model do you have ?
      Which application did you configured ?

      1. What is “good” application?

        i selected “Regular Google calendar” (but no matter which I pick it still does nothing)

        I am using version 1.2.5 of the Pure Grid calandar widget. On an Droid Eris (1.5 Android) with HTC Sense.

  59. Pure Messenger Widget notifies me that I have Twitter messages but it doesn’t display them in the actual widget.

  60. Just went through set-up of this widget on my droid and all it says is loading it stayed like that for about 10 minutes on the home screen until I threw it in the garbage can.
    I tried again but it did the same thing I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but could you please help me so I don’t have to delete this program as it looks like it could be great.
    Thank you,

  61. Bonjour,
    Alors J’utilise la version 1.6.8 sur mon hero est c’est nikel, super programme.
    Sinon même version mais sur un tattoo il y a un bug lorsqu’on active l’affichage des lignes de couleur en fonction des calendriers. Les barres à gauche ne sont pas à la même hauteur. Par exemple si on a 4 rendez-vous, la barre du dernier rdv est dans le vide, pas allignée avec le texte.
    Avez-vous constaté ?

    1. Oui, malheureusement je n’ai pas de Tattoo pour tester.
      Et il est tres difficile de tester sur l’emulateur (il n’a pas de service de caliendrier).
      Je vais essayer de voir ca ce week-end.

  62. Bonjour,

    En tout premier je vous remercier pour cet excellent Widget qui fonctionne à merveille sur mon HTC hero v.1.5

    Par contre j’ai juste un petit problème sur mon HTC tattoo v.1.6 :
    Quand j’ai plusieurs rendez-vous affiché sur le Widget v.1.6.8 (la dernière) et que j’active “Show event calendar color as bars” elles sont décalées par rapport au texte (rendez-vous). C’est à dire la hauteur du texte n’est pas identique à la hauteur des barres. Les barres sont plus haute ce qui fait que par exemple si j’ai 4 rendez-vous, j’ai la dernière barre qui est en face de rien, elle est en dessous. J’ai les 4 rendez-vous centré sur les 3 barres. J’ai le widget format 4×2, j’ai essayé avec plusieurs skins et c’est toujours pareil. Ceci est dû à l’écran plus petit du HTC tattoo ?

    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

  63. Bonjour, juste une remarque,*

    Quand tu rajoutes une tâche avec le widget (2*2; avec le bouton du widget +), tu es obligé de faire un refresh manuel sur le widget pour voir apparaitre la tâche si celle ci devait se trouver affichée.

  64. Why is there so much free space on the 4×2 widget? It only displays 3 days and looks like it could actually include at least 1, maybe even 2 more days. I have a general calendar widget that displays much more (days) for the display size and I didn’t pay to download it. Can this get fixed or updated?

  65. I like the widget, but it it would be much more fuctional if there was an easy way to change months or better yet to go to a specific date.

    A seond request is that there be another way to access the seetings and refresh, since with the protector on my screen, it is difficult to press. Spots near the edge of the screen

    1. What kind of solution do you propose to change month ?
      You have to understand that I can’t take every specific request in account.
      For example, you are the first one to request (way to access config) that kind of feature over 15000 users…..

  66. Hello koxx3
    Recently I bought your Pure Calendar Widget and installed it on my HTC Hero. It worked perfectly and I must admit, it was a good app. I didn’t like the beeping noise of the reminders (I have a lots of appointments each day and the phone kept beeping every 1/2 hour and drained my battery).
    I uninstalled the software the other day, which again worked perfectly, but I am still left with the beeping noise of each reminder. Could you please tell me how do I get rid of the beeping noise?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi,
      reminders are still handled by the official Google calendar application. I don’t know if you can change that sound.

  67. Hi

    I just bought the widget. I have set it up to only display tasks (from Astrid, synced through RTM). Unfortunately, though, the tag filter does not appear to work. What could be the problem? That is, what could be causing all of the tasks to be displayed, even though I set it to display only tasks associated with one tag.

    Thank you.

      1. Hi.
        Thanks for your quick replies.
        Yes, I am using the custom version.
        I’m on the nexus one.

      2. I tried messing around with all the settings I could think of, but I still can’t get it to work. That is, the instance of pure calendar widget which I have set to display only tasks from one tag is displaying all tasks (regardless of tag).
        I am definitely using your version of Astrid.

      3. version 103 of astrid ? (the only one which support tags)
        did you untick ‘untagged’ taks in the tag selector ?

      4. Incredible.
        May be filtering is crashing.
        Can you send me a logcat after a manual refresh ? (search ‘logcat’ on blog to learn how to send it)

  68. Additionally, it seems that when you have multiple instances of the widget the behavior is buggy. Specifically, I installed the widget with just tasks on one screen and then another instance of the widget with just calendar events on another screen. I set the first to open astrid on a tap, and the second to open calendar on a tap. But now they both open calendar on a tap.

  69. Hi, I have the motorola Droid and my widget keep showing “medical visit” even though I don’t have that in my calendar. How can I erase it?

    1. Where does this event come from ?
      is a an event from previous days ?
      do you see it in you google calendar application ?


    1. I think you application database is corrupted.
      I advise you to uninstall the application and reinstall it.
      This behavior is not normal, it works fine on my multiple devices.

  71. Grid cal working great on droid eris. My only problem is I can’t get quick event insertion to recognize the duration code. I use dur4h but all events publish to calendar as 1h. Any help?

  72. Did you ever resolve the problem with filtering tags?
    I also have version 122 and the unticked tags are still showing up
    I don’t see where to untick ‘untagged’ tasks — Motorola Droid

  73. Sorry to take so long to reply (to ISO8601 date need)…

    In 4×4 month view, II have problems determining
    which appointments are on which days. I believe
    these problems would be solved with 2 visual

    1) in the 4×4 month view, the box
    that defines the visual square
    for the individual days isn’t
    bright enough. I’ve gone
    through all the skins and none
    of them offer a bright (white) lines.

    2) the individual day dates are at
    at the bottom of the box that
    defines that day.
    All the calendars that I’ve seen,
    including the online google
    calendar, have the digits at the
    top of the box.

    These two problems constantly cause me to
    double check to be sure the appointments I’m
    seeing are for that date.

    I’m hopeful that you would agree that those
    are legitimate points and are worthy being
    included in an upcoming update.

    – Martin –

  74. when i select a day it brings up the settings menu in the background so that when the information for that day dissapears i have to hit “home’ to get out of settings everytime.

    also is there a 2×2 option? i dont see that in the one i just bought. please respond within 48 hours. dont want to pay if it doesnt work.

    1. Avoid pressing Home to close a window, it’s better to press ‘back’. But your problem is very very strange.
      Nobody reported such problem.
      And yes, there is a 2×2.

  75. It looks pretty, but I wouldnt mind getting rid of the tools icon in the top right of widget, its sorta ugly. Maybe an option for an invisible tools button?

    Also a 2×1 calendar widget is what I really need. 😦

    1. For invisible buttons, it’s very simple, just edit yourself a skin (download and edit the ‘eclair’ skin on the sdcard) !
      A 2×1 will be too small (or people will ask to remove title bar, which is not possible), I won’t do it.

  76. I’m very happy with the calendar widget, but when you make the next release can you spell “insertion” correctly. (-8

  77. Hello,
    Thank you for you calendar app.
    The week starts on which day setting doesn’t work right on my Cliq.
    Let’s say I choose Sunday as the start day:
    If today is on the top line, the week will start with Monday.
    If today is on any other line (I’m using the 3 line version), than it’s correct.

    Any thoughts?

      1. Ahh- update to latest just now fixed it! Cool, and thanks.

        I do agree w/Martin (23/2) about the day divisions and timeline thing.

        Otherwise, very nice design and implementation!
        Leaving positive comment now.

  78. Hmm. Quick entry ‘dur’ doesn’t seem to work:
    3/17 9:00 dur6h Test event
    Results in:
    3/17 9:00am (1h) – dur6h Test event

    How would I make a white skin for 4×2?

    Thank you for your responsiveness!


  79. I am having trouble getting facebook and yahoo account to work.

    Facebook: I change my account login and can’t find a way to updte in pure.

    Yahoo: it does not show under pop3 email accounts.

  80. I just have a feature request — can you please add an option to have different colors for date, time, description, and location? I think it would make the layout look much better.

    1. personnal, I find that ugly… but it’s my taste 😉
      For ergonic modifications requests, as I can’t take all requests in account (I receive ~4 requests per day), I count them.
      If I receive at least 5 requests on the same subject, I take it into account. I’ll make a post to explain that.
      For features requests, it’s different, one request can be enough if it is interesting 🙂

  81. Thank you for your very good widgets.
    For more convenience, I have two requests.
    1.For Japanese, one of useful date format is Month/Day (DayStrings) , for example 3/24(水). I hope this format will be added.
    2.Can I select a text color of Tasks/ToDo List? Especially, a text color of todays tasks is fixed to red. I feel this color not so good. I hope I can change this color.

  82. When I installed the latest update on my G1, all my calendar events past, present & future disappeared. The little event blocks appear in the monthly view but when I open them there’s no event data. Can this be fixed?

  83. I purchased Pure Calendar for my Motorola Backflip android phone. I have the new “agenda” view on my desktop, but when I tap the calendar it takes me to calendar that came with the phone. I thought this widget would provide a new calendar to my phone.?

  84. Hi, I’ve installed this app and I’ve the following problem: I’ve update all my calendars to my email, but I can’t load in this app the calendars that are updated annually in my google calendar(like birthdays), what can I do?.I’ve a DROID (called Milestone in Argentina),thanks!

    1. Hi,
      I din’t really understand.
      But you have to check few things :
      – be sure your calendars are visible in the stock Android Agenda application
      – be sure you selected those calendars into the widget configuration panel
      – read the common problem section of this blog to be sure you don’t have problem with public calendars.

    1. Hi,
      My Pure calendar widgets, never sync data by itself.
      I always read data synced by another app (Google Agenda, Moto exchange, Astrid …).
      I you know an app that sync with iCal, may they can include an interface to make it compatible with Pure calendar.

    1. what do you mean by another widget ?
      did you manage to insert a widget ?
      if yes, when you select the widget, the size is written in the widget name.

  85. Hi,
    I downloaded and installed your nice mail widget but could not get it to work yet. I have an htc desire phone. Understanding from the config screen that the widget takes the emails from the k9 application instead of the htc mailer, I downloaded an installed k9. Still in the config screen I do not see the two accounts I created in k9. Any ideas?

    Thanx a lot in advance,


  86. I’ve just upgraded from the HTC Hero to the HTC Desire.
    I did have the Paid Agenda Widget but now, this app isn’t available on the Market. Why?

  87. App won’t. Work after telus milestone android 2.1 update. Freezes when choosing calendar in set. Up.

  88. I would like to see a single day view for the task list. Like I’m turning the page in my planner to a specific date.

  89. Hey, great App! I’m loving it!

    Is it possible to store the skins NOT on the sd card? My problem is: my Nexus One seems to mount the sd card after reboot too late, so my skin what I’ve chosen isn’t loading after reboot and it shows the standard skin. then I have to change it again in the settings..


    1. This is normally handled.
      I receive the ‘mount status’ and redraw the widget with the skin.
      If not, I think you have a problem with your phone (or ROM).
      And, by the way, temp skins are stored into internal memory to pass this ‘no sd’ period.

    1. ‘doesn’t refresh’ ? what does it means ?
      Days are not changing ? if yes, be sure you exclude the widget from the task killer.

  90. Purchased new Cal with Google tasks but want 4×4 calendar view 1st, then i view day or agenda, & would like to access tasks
    Had to go back to free calendar to get calendar back

    Is this possible with new calendar Widget? Thx Jeanne

  91. Am I missing it? Can’t seem to figure out how to get 4×4 calendar to. allow me to scroll past current view/screen. Would LOVE to be able to scroll multiple days without have to go to month view then click on each day.

    1. In Pure grid ?
      press first/last cell. This is written in the widget information page ……

      Be sure you didn’t mistake about Pure calendar and Pure grid calendar. Look at description pages on this blog.

  92. How can I buy Pure Calendar Widget? Googl market does not allow not-ftee applications in many countries?

  93. Please de-clutter the widgets menu. If I want a 4×4 or 2×4 calendar, please have some menu in your app to enable that option in the list. Your app clutters the widget list making it incredibly long. Your competition CalWidget has already implemented a change to declutter the widget list. Please do the same.

  94. I’ve updated from 1.5 to Eclaire 2.1 on my device. Now the Pure Calendar widget will only display the entire month on the home screen. It no longer shows my daily event agenda view on the home screen as preferred. Not sure why this happened, but I cannot find any agenda options any longer either? Only Calendar event options. Nothing about tasks or astrisks or agenda view. Can someone help me get back the Day view on the home screen. I don’t need a month view or I’ll just use the Google Calendar by default.



  95. Thanks for cleaning up the widgets menu so fast. Im very impressed with your customer support and also your product. I dumped my iPhone for Android because of your calendar, one of the big reasons for my switch. Thanks!

  96. Help! My Astrid tasks were displaying fine, with the highest priority at the top of the list. But now the lowest priority are at the top. Is this due to a bug in a recent update?

  97. This is having trouble syncing with my exchange server email. It is having trouble adapting the changes made to appt or adding new appts.

    1. Are you adding events from the quick insertion panel or the classic panel ?
      It seems there is a problem with quick insertion.

  98. I bought it by Paypal – saved _purecal190 to sdcard and now I cannot install it to my Motorola Milestone, Android 2.1.

    1. be sure Windows doesn’t rename the APK file in ZIP file. If needed rename it. it should be xxxx.apk.
      And use ‘app installer’ (free on the market) to install the apk.

  99. Just to inform you: astrid task integration has got a new bug. Used to filter my tasks by priority (“only show medium or higher”), now displays even low priority tasks. Very annoying, because I see many not so important things eating the space on the widget.
    Can you please fix that? Thanks a lot!

    1. fixed.
      Currently, there is just a small offset in priorities : PC medium = AST low / PC high = AST medium…

  100. on ERIS calendar graphic does not cover the hole wiget . Top bar is shows over the wall papper and last line of dates over wall paper …

    1. Are you talking about ‘Pure calendar’ or ‘Pure grid calendar’ ?
      Can you send me a screenshot or a camera shot ?
      Are you using a skin ?


  101. In pure calendar, after last update I can no longer sync with multiple google calendars. The app sees them, but doesn’t pull any data. Using droid with 2.1 installed.

  102. I am using touchdown 6.0. Pure calendar offers touchdown exchange 2.0/2.1, but then says it’s not installed.

  103. Since a few versions back, the “Internal Quick” feature of Pure Calendar for adding new events quickly, has been setting the default date for all new events to 12/31. It used to set today’s date. This is making this feature impractical to use since correcting the date every time takes too long.

    1. Nice bug.
      I would have been interesting to warn me before… but no problem. I’ll solve this for the next release.

  104. Other then enableing twitter in the setup is there something else I must do to see the twitter updates in pure messenger? Updates are not showing.

    1. does Twitter registration works in config panel ?
      if yes, you should just wait 1 or 2 minutes for sync.

      Which phone do you have ?
      Is your phone in low memory ?
      Do you use any task killer ?

  105. Would you be able to create the option to open the event on click, instead of launching the entire calandar?

  106. I have this set up with Got To Do and I love it. I was wondering if I got Toodledo Pro so I could have subtasks in Got To Do, will the subtasks show in the Pure widget? If so are they indented? Thanks!

    1. I don’t know, you have to ask to ‘GotToDo’ dev, if subtasks are available for pure calendar.

  107. Hi, thank you for that cool app. Is it possible to make the calendar scrollable like the original calendar from HTC. Maybe die the next release? Pr OA it already implemented ? Thank-you

      1. No. It will depend of votes on the poll. If people are not interested in Home++ scrolling, I won’t continue…
        And it doesn’t seems to atract a lof of people 😦

      2. I use HTC-Sense, so i think it is impossible to scroll actually. Thank-you

    1. Hello,
      yes, I am aware of this problem. We (TouchDown team and me) are working on the problem.
      Can you please contact TouchDown team too to let them know your problem.

  108. My Nexus One was updated to 2.2 and Pure Grid Calendar is not working now…when I try to install the widget it says ‘Application selected as :select calendar application to launch on widget tap: does not seem to be installed on your device. It may crash…’
    I selected Google Calendar which is working fine anyway…
    And from my Nexus One cant find the pure calendar widget neither

  109. Hi
    The pure calendar widget didn’t work with google cLendar on android 2.2
    Can you fix this? and i couldn’t find it in The market

  110. I have the paid version of this app and love it. Its the best one out there without question. I have a problem though. I can only see the 4×4 layout in my Widgets “list”. I am using a Moto Droid running 2.1
    How can I get a 4×2 layout for the calendar?

    1. Did you disable some sizes ?
      If not, insert a 4×2, and in the widget config panel, at the bottom, push the ‘widget sizes remover’. Tick all sizes.

  111. hi! i love this apps and highly rely on this. yet i cant use it after upgrading android to 2.2
    pls help??

    1. pfff …. may you can check just previous comment, or use the search box, or only read the main blog page 😦

    1. I don’t understand … new event arrived ? do you mean synced ? what is the purpose of this ? I don’t think that it is the purpose of a CALENDAR/TASK widget.

  112. Sorry if I couldn’t explain me very well… What I was thinking is having some notification if a NEW CALENDAR/TASK event is synced from GOOGLE CALENDAR to my N1… Per example, if I share a calendar with my secretary or coworker, and someone put a new task or a new calendar, I’ll just notice this if I always be checking Pure Calendar Widget, so if I have a notification like SMS or GMAIL one, I can check this immediately, accepting or refusing that event….

    I hope that I could explain better what I’m thinking…

    Thanks for your fast reply,
    Vinicius Cordeiro

  113. I’m using GotToDo for tasks. Selecting the priority to show in the Pure Calendar widget doesn’t work properly. When set to “Show Medium or higher”, tasks with a low and negative priority will show up.

    1. Tested 1 minute ago: it works fine.
      – I created a ‘low priority’ task in Got To Do, set ‘medium or higher’ in Pure calendar, the task is not visible.
      – I selected ‘low of higher’ in pure calendar, the task is now visible.
      No problem for me.
      Be sure you have last version of Pure calendar.

      1. Hmm… I have the latest that is available from the Android US Market. (for both Pure and GotToDo).

        After some experimentation, it appears that for whatever reason, for me, the priority option is one off. In other words, if I just set it to “Show high or higher”, it behaves as if I set it to “Show medium or higher”. Which is fine actually, because it’s doing what I want it to now 🙂

        Thank you very much for such a quick reply and testing it out.

  114. I’m having trouble with GTD and priority filtering, too. If I select High or higher, it does show Medium priority tasks as Bryan C noted. However, it only shows some of them – not all of them. And what I want is to just show High or higher.

    I have one overdue Medium task and due today I have 2 High, 2 Medium and 2 Low priority tasks. Here’s what I see:

    – Low or higher shows everything
    – Medium or higher shows everything so no Lows are filtered out
    – High or higher shows everything except the overdue Medium task and one of the Low tasks – the other Low task is showing and both Mediums that are due today are showing
    – Very High or higher shows ONLY the two Medium tasks due today

    Yes, I know this makes no sense and yes, I know you said that you tested this with one Low priority task. However, I’m definitely seeing this behavior and the tasks showing up in PC even have the correct color for their priority so it’s not a case of them being seen as something else.

    I just bought PC today and love it – I’m a heavy GTD user and love the idea of seeing just my High priority tasks and higher. Hopefully this can get worked out.

    Thanks for a great widget – hopefully this information helps.

    1. Problem found on my side !
      In fact, ToodleDo prioties changed recently (from 1 to 12 to 1 to 5).
      It will work in the next published version.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I updated PC and still have issues with priority filtering. I also looked to see if I could clear the cache for the app but the clear cache button is greyed out.

        Am I maybe not configured correctly?

        Show tasks on due dates if exist is checked.
        Show overdue tasks on current day is checked
        Show task notes is NOT checked
        Show only tasks with due dates is checked

        Select tags: [with any folder] is checked

        Filter by priority: I’ve tried all settings with different results.

        Events calendars and tasks colors
        Show …priority as color bars/plots is checked

  115. Hi, ok I’m very new to android and bought ur calendar widget cos it looks perfect but I have 5 calendars in my Google calendar and this will only show me 2 even if I select them all and then save and exit, any ideas? I’m using a xperia x10.


  116. Good morning. I like this program and so I am glad to have purchased it. But I am unable to upgrade it for some peculiar reason. Is there anyway to correct this uppdate problem from your side? I am stuck at v.135

  117. Re: your comment “which provider ? what is the problem ?” above:

    I couldn’t reply to that thread anymore as there are no ‘reply’ links below those comments (weird…)

    Anyway, I was replying to the comment thread in question – that was in response to your fixing the Got To Do priority filtering. After your fix I still have no priority filtering capability – I posted my config settings hoping that something was wrong there. I’m sure you fixed the problem but is there a place where I need to clear some cached data or is it an issue with just updating the widget or something else? I’m seeing the same behavior as before – random tasks show up at different priority filter levels. And those tasks have different priorities from low to top. In short, I didn’t see a change in the priority filtering after updating the widget.

    I love PC – if we get this straightened out where I can see the appropriate GTD tasks on the widget then that would be heaven…

    Thanks a lot…

  118. Great tool, but i’m using touchdown so the widget is quite dull! Will a free update be posssible once touchdown is supported for widget display?

    1. what does it means “i’m using touchdown so the widget is quite dull” ?
      Updates are ALWAYS free on the market.

  119. I have HTC Hero and use Google diary. Which diary setting should I use. None seem to work. I only have tasks showing on the display.

  120. Would it be possible to add a birthday/anniversary section? IE, display upcoming birthdays or anniversaries with a small icon showing what it is.

  121. Love this widget with got to do. After last update though my tasks won’t show at all on my calendar. Tried with all task settings enabled/disabled in different configurations. Is this a known issue?

  122. Hello,

    Fantastic widget. Just started having one problem after an excellent month of use.
    In the settings, “Select Calendars to Show”, I have no calendars selected. Yet, some events from some calendars continue to show on PCW.

    Not all events from these calendars appear, only some.
    These calendars belong to friends, not me.
    These events are colored as though they are on my own calendar.
    I have not been invited to these events.
    These events do not show up on my regular Google Calendars as viewed on a PC web browser unless I make visible those friends calendars.
    When I make those calendars visible in PCW, I get double events, the new one being in the appropriate color for that calendar.
    None of these calendars are selected in the stock Google Calendar app, either.

    Nexus One

    Recent changes:
    Purchased PCW.
    Updated to Andrioid 2.2.
    PCW broken and invisible in market.
    Re-installed Android 2.1.
    Updated PCW.
    Updated to 2.2.
    PCW works great except for above symptoms.


    1. Hi,
      I don’t understand how it can happen. If you didn’t select any calendars (be sure you scrolled the list !), it should never retreive any calendar datas.

      1. Figured it out. When I restored my backed up calendar, contacts, etc after switching 2.2-2.1-2.2, the restore program loaded all calendar events from other calendars that were visible at the time of backup, and loaded them onto my own calendar. I cleared the calendar data in the app settings menu and re-synced. All is well. Nothing to do w/ PCW.

        It’s a wonderful widget. Thanks for the rapid reply.

  123. I still have priority filtering issues with Got To Do and PC. I’ve uninstalled both and reinstalled. I’ve cleared data via GTD and am running the latest versions of each. I’m including information that I posted above in hopes that it’s useful as I didn’t receive a response a week or two ago.

    The only other thing that may be interesting config-wise is that I’m using Touchdown and am including that calendar in my list.

    Re-commented from above:

    Thanks for the quick response. I updated PC and still have issues with priority filtering. I also looked to see if I could clear the cache for the app but the clear cache button is greyed out.

    Am I maybe not configured correctly?

    Show tasks on due dates if exist is checked.
    Show overdue tasks on current day is checked
    Show task notes is NOT checked
    Show only tasks with due dates is checked

    Select tags: [with any folder] is checked

    Filter by priority: I’ve tried all settings with different results.

    Events calendars and tasks colors
    Show …priority as color bars/plots is checked

      1. It’s not the calendar events that are the issue – those are fine from Touchdown or the stock corporate calendar. The Got To Do tasks are the issue. I’ve posted some information in comments earlier but essentially when I try to filter GTD by priority it doesn’t work – it shows tasks with any priority. I know that they are being seen with the correct priority by PC because they have the different colored indicators for the different priorities so it doesn’t appear to be a case of GTD or PC seeing them as the wrong priority. I know you made a fix for this recently and I was the one who reported the issue to start with. However after updating PC and different combinations of uninstalling/re-installing both PC and GTD and clearing the data cache for GTD it’s still not working.

        Thanks for looking into it.

      2. I mean ‘tasks’ sorry.
        Wordpress is really not a good place for debuging or talk. There is now more than 2000 comments… difficult to find previous messages. It strongly recommend to email me for problems (see ‘about’ page).
        But ok, I understand than priority filter have no effect.
        But please, continue this conversation by email.
        Thanks for your understanding.

  124. I just wanted to leave a comment about puregrid calender widget. I love it and have it on two phones. I have a lot of trouble activating the arrow to switch months. Could you possibly add separate buttons or tweak it somehow to make this easier? Thanks. Love the app and keep up the good work.

  125. Is there a way to chane the colors on the timeline on the calendar? Also, is there a way to change the notification chime when there is an event I want notified about? Some help would be much appreciated. This is a great app I would just like a little guidance please.

  126. On a previous version I was able to custimize the event timeline so that it appeared on the bottom of the day or the top. You’ve since changed it back to the original format where I can no longer customize that feature. I really liked that feature. Being able to have timeline on the bottom made more sence for me personaly. Will you be bringing that back?


      1. .thats too bad the text feature is useless to me as the text simply doesn’t fit well at all in the space provided. Can you make it an option to turn text off and place the bar at the bottom? In my opinion, its far better to be able to custimize as many options as possible. By later removing key custom options like this one is detrimental to the product. I wish I knew this before I updated to the text version. It serves me no purpose.

      2. Thank you for the replies. This is still my most often used/favorite widget. That being said, I understand you can already turn txt off, which is great. I just really liked the option of putting the timeline on the bottom. I’ll use the democratic process you’ve suggested! Thanks!


  127. Chicos¿ cómo marco todas las notificaciones como leídas?Es que no veo ninguna opción que me lo permita por más que miro y tengo que ir de evento en evento.
    Ayudenme por favor.
    Guys how under all the notifications as read? Just do not see any option that allows me more than I look and I have to go from event to event.
    Help me please

      1. I have that to go to every notification for mark as read and if I have 100 notification is a bad task.My cuestion is: Are ther any option for check all notifications once?
        Sorry for my english.

    1. I think you missed the ‘mark all as read’ feature in the message contextual menu (right message icon for list view).

  128. I’ve noticed a minor cosmetic glitch: using small fonts on the Nexus One, the spacing of the colour bars down the left is wrong by one pixel, so the bars drift from the text as the list gets longer.

    It’s still my favourite widget though.

  129. Tasks from astrid that show up at the top of the widget don’t appear to be sortable? If I uncheck “Show tasks on due dates if exist” it shows all the tasks at the top of the widget– which is what I want. But they don’t appear to be sortable. I would like them sorted by priority then by due/goal date. Is this possible? Am I simply missing a setting?


    1. They should be sorted, first by due dates, second, by priority (no option needed).
      Can you send me a screeshot or a camera shot please ?

      1. After playing a little more, you are right. If both tasks have “Absolute Deadlines” then yes, it sorts by date. I had one “Absolute Deadline” and one “Goal Deadline” and even though the task with a Goal Deadline was AFTER the task with an Absolute Deadline, it listed the one with a Goal Deadline first. I changed the one with a Goal Deadline to an Absolute and then it sorted correctly by date.

        It would be nice if it could sort by date whether or not it is an “Absolute Deadline” or a “Goal Deadline” — but maybe that is just an astrid thing.


  130. With the grid calendar can you have an option to change the highlight color of today so its more visible? Hard to focus quickly on today date. Maybe add a white outline to the day? It just has to be a little bit easier to see than now, I’m not thinking neon green or anything.


  131. Unable to show text only without timelines. Unchecking the “show events timeline box” also removes the event text and shows balls only. Otherwise awesome app. HTC Hero.

  132. Widget shows up on screen, but blank. Sometimes if I run other programs and come back to the home screen, it fixes itself. Milestone running advanced task killer and launcher pro, all latest version.

  133. On the grid setup, it shows the time line with different colors for each event. Is this a choice somewhere that I am missing that allows you to choose the colors of the time line?

  134. Hello since the last update the colour bars/plots are not shown anymore.

    Great widget though, love it


  135. Can you make it such that “Show muti-days only on first day” only displays the 1st day the event started? i.e. on a 4×2, if I have a 5 day event, say Mon-Fri, and I am day 3 into the event, the current day is Wednesday, it shows the multi-day event, it doesn’t show it on Thursday and Friday on that screen, however when Thursday rolls around, the multi-day event is showing at the top of the current day and not for Friday. I only want to see that event on Monday….that’s it.

    Does that make sense?

    Great product….just wish you had something to replace the Calendar Event Details. I hate the stock one. For corporate use we place Conference Rooms in the location, why the heck do I need to Google Map a conference room number?

  136. I have setup three different Widgets, one for E-mail, Facebook & SMS. How do I set individual notification tones for each. Right now if I change one it changes the other so they all have the same tone. Motorola Droid.

  137. I am using Pure Calender and Astrid.
    If a click the task on widget, it will open the edit page but not the main page of Astrid.
    I think ask me “Finished this task?”, will be better than take me to edit page.

  138. Could you please allow multiple settings as you did for Pure Messenger? I mean the scroll feature for instance, that is ON/OFF for all instances. Idem for the overall “search period” (période de recherche), On my main screen I just want to display today events. I voted for this suggestion on your moderator “allow me to use different settings for each of the widgets”

  139. Morning,
    just purchased your widget and it works fine. But one thing i miss:
    Is there any possibility to switch of the date above the events or is it possible to draw the date in front of the events?
    Thanks for your help.


  140. Hello,

    I downloaded the widget onto my 2.1 Samsung Vibrant but I can’t seem to delete the calendar entries, or edit them, once I’ve created them. I don’t even see a menu function for this. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. You can delete entries from the widget. It a widget, so, it’s mainly a viewer. Just open the stop app with tap zones or day event viewer (read the widget information page)

  141. I am using launcher pro with scrollable widgets enabled. When I enable scrolling in the calendar widget settings the widget goes blank and none of my calendars show. When I turn off scrolling everything returns to normal.

    Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

      1. my calendar also disappears completely.

        does this mean everything is fixed with the widget, but we are waiting on LauncherPro to update their code?

      2. we have to wait for LauncherPro update.
        but now, the widget refresh button should show the listwhen it happen. Can you confirm this ?

      3. refresh does not always make the calendar appear. sometimes, and even then, it takes a while.

        i am using most recent version of LauncherPro and your Calendar widget.

      4. you have to wait for next LauncherPro update. Contact Federico for more informations.

  142. Why can’t i sync this to Facebook? I want my facebook to sync with calendar so i.can see events and birthdays.

  143. In the latest version there was a change made to display current events as bold AND important color. I unchecked that, but my tasks from GotToDo all still display in the important color.
    I would like to see this setting split. I really like having the current events display in bold, but I want the color to stay true to the priority.


    1. did you try the new ‘service foreground’ option ?
      any task killer ?
      your phone memory isn’t low ?

  144. This seems to have disappeared from the market after upgrading to Froyo so I’ve bought but can’t reinstall…

  145. I would like to see another button on the top of the window so I can use one to jump to the calendar and the other to jump to my task application. Would that be possible?

    1. Please, use suggestion system : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/
      Personnaly, I disagree. I think the point of a widget is to have the information directly visible. If you ‘hide’ a part of the information and need to click on something to show this, it’s useless.
      It become crazy people expect the same thing from a widget than from an application… it’s really not the point of a widget.

  146. Every time I remove my Droid from home dock, Pure Calendar widget appears blank. Selecting configure and then saving brings content back again. This only started happening recently after an update.

    1. Hi,
      which Home ?
      scrollable enabled ?
      did you try without scrollable ?
      how many widgets on the Home ?
      how many panel ?

  147. When you have a home screen widget displaying a month view and you change the view to the next or previous month, switching to something else and then going back to the home screen with the month view it does not “reset” to display the curent month.

    1. Hi,
      no, there is no reset feature.
      But you have the ‘go to current day’ icon to reset it in one tap …

  148. Only shows events I enter through my phone but not stuff i enter online and my Google calendar has no problems showing things I enter through my phone

    1. You need to check that calendar sync is active in your phone settings, and to check if they are synced and visible in your stock phone calendar application.

  149. How do I update the “Selected Calendar list…” on the settings page? I added a calendar after configuring the widget and it doesn’t show up in the list.


  150. When I try to install and download the calendar widget I get a message: “Not Found. The requested item could not be found” HTC Incredible 2.1

    1. Sorry, but it seems to be a market issue… so … I can’t help you on this.
      All I can do is advise you to look at Google’s forums to see if other Android users have the same problem … and solutions ?

    1. nobody never reported such problem in Pure calendar … that’s really weird.
      I think the problem come from Google calendar sync, not from the widget.

  151. Hi! why is my facebook events like birthdays showing in widget but not in htc’s calendar? how do i disable facebook events?

  152. yes i have and there’s nothing about how do DISABLE facebook events. I have disabled it in htc calendar and since pure widget is a widget of htc calendar i thing it’s strange that it doesn’t “sync” the settings i made in htc calendar.

  153. Hi, love the widget. However, I am using Touchdown 2.1 and when the widget is clicked, Touchdown is always launched in the email window, not calendar. Is there a way that the widget can launch directly into the Touchdown calendar?

    Thank you

  154. I bought the pure calendar widget, and tried to install it from the market. After the successful download, at the end of the installation, the market program crashed and i have to force close. It said the installation was successful, but the program does not appears in the widgets list. All of the other programs can be installed without error. Any suggestion?

  155. Running pure calendar widget 2.2.0 on my Droid X running Froyo. I am having an issue where events are removed from the widget after midnight (going from Today–>Tommorrow). If I open the widget and then hit ‘save and close’, they come back.

  156. i have a droid (not the htc but the other one) ever since the last system update my calender goes from 4×4… to really small… i have to turn my phone off and then back on to get it back to 4×4.. and eventaully it shrinks again not sure what triggers the… shrinkage. pls let me know. 🙂

    1. Hi,
      do you mean the Moto Droid ? 1 or 2 ?
      what do you mean by last system update ?
      please contact me by email (see about page) for such technical problem.

  157. love this widget, very nicely done. one complaint though, on redraw it often takes several seconds to fill in the calendar and todo content.

    1. Hi,
      yes, but redraw shouldn’t be often required. Or may are talking about redraw after event/task add/delete.
      In that case, that may be because of a filter I added.
      It allow few immediate redraw, and if more are requested during last 30 seconds, they are delayed of 15 seconds. This is to reduce the CPU usage when the phone does his Google calendar sync (in that case several redraw request can arrive on the widget).

  158. Often when I go to my home screen, the widget is blank and takes up to a minute to refresh. Running CM 6.0 with LauncherPro.

  159. Hi,

    The old bug with “internal quick event insert” functionality seems to be back.

    The pull-down menu for calendar selection of the quick event insert feature always resets to a random calendar, instead of remembering the last choice from previous use.

    This adds extra steps to this great feature and makes it less efficient.

    1. Hi,
      it should not happen unless you added or removed a calendar from the widget calendars list.
      Contact me by email for deeper analysis (see about page)

      1. Hi!

        Sorry about my english…

        Since last update of google calendar (this morning) it doesn’t work the pure calendar update, I only see events created before!

        I try to add another time the widget but it didn’t work

        I hope you fix it, it’s a great app!

        thank you!

      2. Hi,
        there is no problem reported on the last version.
        Did you change something on your phone ?
        Did you try to fully uninstall the app and reinstall it from the market ?

  160. I set up pure calender in launcher pro and when I tried to do same in regular home it is blank. No content no tasks etc despite me going through same setup

  161. good app. but just like all the other calenders on my phone they dont allow me to edit an event for just one of the days in a reacuring event. it eigther lets me edit this and all future events or all events in this series. i need it to edit one day out of the series not all or future eventsa! please help.

  162. I have your app on my phone, Samsung vibrant, and love it. But can you pleas make it so that we can add more than one alarm to the event. Right now we can only add one. If we could add unlimited like allbthe others this would be the best calendar out there.

  163. I have your calendar app on my puns, Samsung vibrant, and love it. But it would be way better if we were able to add more than one alarm to the events like the HTC Google calendar where you can keep clicking add alarm until your hearts content. In my mind this would be the best calendar app if you had this feature. Please add and update this ASAP.

    1. Hi,
      use the standard event insertion to insert multiple alarms. The is no plan to add this to the ‘quick event insertion’.

  164. tasks synced to astid through producteev don’t show up in pure calendar widget, even though they are visible in astrid.

  165. I’m having trouble with the Google calendar sync. There are many events that appear at Google calendar in my PC that doesn’t show up in my HTC magic (android ). Could anyone explain me why? Thanks!

    1. Google calendar servers problem. I got many reports like this since 2 days. Not widget troubles, but full Android sync problems.

  166. Hello Francois,
    Thank you for Pure Calendar Widget – it really makes my Droid useful! I am having a problem – I use the Exchange calendar and Pure updates fine, though it is sometimes missing certain events. It only seems to miss some (not all) yearly repeating events. I insert a yearly repeating all-day event to remind me of people’s birthdays…but what I’m noticing is that on days when several people have birthdays I usually only see one or two of the birthdays listed.
    Any ideas? Many thanks!!!

    1. hi,
      do you see those events in the stock calendar application ?
      I strongly advise you to attach bithdays to your contacts, it’s much more useful 😉

  167. Hi. Your pure grid calendar app is great!
    But I’m having a problem with RTL text…
    All my event are in Hebrew, but they appear flipped on the widget

    Please help…

  168. I miss weeknumbers in both the weekly and monthly calenders. I use the 4x4XL version.
    Otherwise the best widget around.

  169. Bonjour

    D ‘epuis peu et même après la mise à jour j’ai l’encadrement du calendrier et pas le contenu. Le contenu est vide et transparent. Je suis sous Samsung galaxie S

  170. i just purchased pure grid calendar and when i selected 4 as the maximum number of lines for each event it still only shows what fits on one line. i have a droid x. thanks

  171. I love this widget, but it is very small on the Dell Streak. Is it possible to scale to the larger screen?


  172. this worked gteat when i purchased it a month ago. after few new versions it stopped doing ‘auto update’ of the calendar and tasks. i have to manually refresh or to set timed auto refreh. my phone is nexus 1 with the 2.2.
    is this a know issue?
    thank you

  173. ok trying this again… when i try to skin my calender i get ” download failed. server is temporarily out of order”…. what am i doing wrong?

      1. Tried that but still getting the same download failed message…. I have a N 1 Froyo version if that makes a difference

  174. Would is be possible to show the colors of dato gtask. Now it only shows one default color.

    The widget of dato itself does this but that one is only available in 4×2 and not skinnable. I like yours.

    1. Problem confirmed : this information is not shared by Dato for external app.
      Message sent to Dato : “Hi, can you expose the list color information in the content provider please ?”

  175. un problème ce jour après la maj d hier : une partie de mes Rv ne s affiche plus! Ils sont pourtant toujours bien visibles sur le web et sur les agendas partagés de mes collègues
    j ai redemarré mon HTC (desire chez orange ) supprimé/ réinstallé le widget mais rien n y fait.
    un rapport avec les nouvelles fonctionnalités GG agenda qui datent de qqs jours?

    1. non je pense pas.
      Le test a faire :
      – DESINTALLER l’appli
      – reinstaller l’appli depuis le market
      – installer un widget avec la config par defaut (no toucher a AUCUN parametre).

  176. I can’t get the pure grid to see other google calendars so I can use other colors. All calendars are now checked. HTC Evo. Thanks.

  177. Hi there,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S. Although the widget works, if I rotate the phone then the widget goes blank (the date at the top is still there) and does not refresh with calendar/tasks data.

    If I put the phone back to the ‘upright’ position then the data comes back about 1 minute later – this renders the widget all but useless to me.

    Any ideas?


    1. Hi,
      are you using scrollable mode ?
      if yes, did you try without scrollable mode ?
      if yes, did you read the FAQ from this blog about it ?

      1. Hi there,

        Yes, I tried scrollable on and off and read for quite a while in the forum. Having tried just about all permutations of on/off for just about all options, I just can’t it to work at all reliably.

        Sometimes it displays nothing at all in ‘upright’ and does not re-populate with calendar/task data.

        Thanks for your support…

        Let me know what I should try next.

      2. Hi there again,

        I have no idea how or why, but it appears to be working now!

        I rebooted the phone and that appears to have done the trick. I don’t know, but now I am a happy purchaser – 5 stars for you in the marketplace sir!

  178. got to do tasks with due times do not show the times even though box checked in setup. in fact checking box prevents task from showing on main screen, only visible on sub screen.

  179. Just purchased your Calendar Grid Widget to use with Touchdown version 6.1.0007 and love the look and feel, but would like to make a couple suggestions on things that would make it better for my application.

    1. When adding an appointment, give option to add appointment to touchdown… (This is the biggest one because adding an appointment from the widget is useless for me the way it is)

    2. Add option to quick toggle between weekly and montly. This would make it easier to see your current weeks schedule, but check availability for a date further out.

    3. Speed up update process. I know this probably isn’t a big deal for most, but when checking availabilty 3 or 4 weeks out and in the weekly timeline view it takes a while to get to the correct date because of having to wait for it to update…

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi,

      1. When adding an appointment, give option to add appointment to touchdown… (This is the biggest one because adding an appointment from the widget is useless for me the way it is)
      >>> you already can. Just select ‘ask each time’ for calendar events insertion in the widget config

      2. Add option to quick toggle between weekly and montly. This would make it easier to see your current weeks schedule, but check availability for a date further out.
      >>> it will be done later, but it will be slow (see point 3).

      3. Speed up update process. I know this probably isn’t a big deal for most, but when checking availabilty 3 or 4 weeks out and in the weekly timeline view it takes a while to get to the correct date because of having to wait for it to update…
      >>> it is not possible. Read multiple calendar databases with all information take a lot of time… especially if you search on multiple weeks.

      For suggestions, please use the suggestion module :

  180. Hi Francois,

    This is not a major problem, but I’ve found that updated tasks from SSI gTasks don’t appear when I add them, even when I add them via your widget. I can force an update by saving the widget settings.

    I’m sure it hasn’t always been like this.

    1. Hi,
      Web auto-sync of Ssi Gtasks is for paid version if I well remember.
      Is it the problem ?
      Or are you telling me that if you modify a task IN Ssi gtasks, Pure calendar doesn’t automatically update ?

      1. Yes, I am getting that if I enter a task on the phone it doesn’t appear in your task list.I’ve discovered that if I change the update interval to something other than On Calendar Update then it works as I would expect it to.

        Is this what you would expect?

      2. No, it should refresh in less than 30 seconds. I never had this problem. Which task manager are you using ?

  181. Hi, app doesnt work properly on galaxy tab. no problem on nexus. in 2×2 only one date is shown. in 4×2 only half of the space of the widget is used. can you please help? thanks!

  182. I love this app, the only problrm I have is I cant set messages to on the spot the only 15 mins any reason why ot what am I doing wrong.

  183. Hi,
    I discovered Pocket Informant and new Version of Pure Calendar Widget linking to it. That’s great!
    I like to handle tasks with ToodleDo, it’s better than RTM. For this i have the app Due Today, it’s similar to Got To Do, but now I can’t see my tasks in Pure Calendar. Is there no other way, to show my ToodleTo tasks than buying another App? Why not with Got To Do Free?

    1. Unfortunately, Pocket Informant doesn’t share those informations. It won’t be possible for external apps (like mine) to read those datas… and generally big companies like Pocket Informant doesn’t listen for small devs like us … 😦

  184. Not sure when it started happening, but PureCalendar Widget doesn’t line the color bars up with the calendar items anymore. It looks like this:

      1. I tried it with the following launchers and got the same results:
        – ADW
        – LauncherPRO
        – Launcher+
        – Home++

        I was able to fix it by turning on Compatibility Mode. Description of that option is “Run older apps in compatibility mode”. I guess PureCalendar Widget is an “older app” that requires that workaround in this context.

  185. i have been using the 4×4 XL pure calander widget with the “Sense” skin on my Droid X for a while. I appreciate the good looking, well designed, functional application.

    when viewing the entire month, is there a way to display the current week on top instead of the first week of the month? At the end of the month, i can only see a week ahead unless i scroll.

  186. i bovght the calender and when i first started it had everything, facebook bdays. now its empty! how do o get them back with muliply days instead of only one!

  187. Im using the pure calendar widget. On the widget the calendar date heading takes up 2-3 lines, even though its only month/date. Pics I see of the widget show this line only taking 1 Line of space. reguardless of size 4×1 – 4×4. dell streak 2.2. Is it a bug?

  188. I am using the time line view. I know it is beta, but I think I’ve found a bug that you might want to look into. If I have an event that starts at 9.30am on Monday and ends at 5.30pm on Friday the time line shows it starting on Tuesday.
    I like the time line but I would like to see more of the event name text. Can you wrap it around if it is too long to fit on one line? or maybe print it sideways?

    1. I have never seen such problem with timelines. Please contact me by email and send me a screenshot.
      Text wrapping is scheduled for week view timelines.

  189. I tried installing the widget, now it just says “loading data” where the widget should be. Everything else on the phone works fine but the widget. Any ideas?

  190. Could Pure Calendar Widget add the function of filtering the Got to Do’s tasks by status.
    Now the widget could only filter them by folder.

  191. Is there a way to make the 4x4xl version stretch the whole size of the screen in portrait and landscape?

    Droid 2

  192. The weekly view, the beta feature, of the calendar grid widget constantly displays events in a grid slot hours after the event should be. This happens even though selecting to view the event’s details reveals the correct information. How do we put the events in the right slots on the weekly beta grid?

  193. widget wont sync automatically. will not let me add, delete, or modify events from widget or google calandar if accesed from widget. please fix.

    1. widget wont sync automatically
      >>> read FAQs to see possible causes, there is no know sync problems.

      will not let me add, delete, or modify events from widget or google calandar if accesed from widget
      >>> add : just press the ‘+’ button
      >>> delete/modify : read the embedded information page… press the day left corner to bring the daily events viewer, then press the event to allow edition/deletion

  194. I like the calander but how can i view the hole month at once when you scroll to the next month it will show you have the month & when you scroll back to the present month you see halfs of two months? than you in advance

    1. I think you are talking about Pure Grid ?
      Why don’t you use the ‘center’ button at the top to go back to the current date ?

  195. i cannot stop the events from word-wrapping. events with a longer name will take two lines or more. i would rather it just cut off so i can conserve space. also, this is with the max line setting set to 1.

  196. I gave up on pocket informant android because of no widget. I am using pure calendar with got to do paid. I checked the box for show task time, but the time is not showing in p c widget.

  197. big time props! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who reported the widget problem, but a newer version of the app which fixes the problem shows up in less than an hour…great dev!

  198. Any chance to have Jorte quick add as a choice in the Burton settings? Your widget is very usefull and with this choice would be perfections… Tanks anyway!

  199. is it possibke to add that title bar of widget can be
    same as actual area, so there will be draw date of agenda the same smaller size and posible first row
    of events? this will be great feature for me.
    p.s. i’m trying orginize primary home screen informative as possible and what use widget in size 1×1 🙂

    1. The Pure calendar widget header is part of skin design and cannot be easily modified.
      So, the answer is no, this is not possible.

  200. Hi, best app on the market, perfect for my business. Thanks.
    With tasks, is it possible to differentiate between task due that day and a running event in the calendar and even another colour for daily events. Would help at a view to highlight different areas.
    Keep up good work. Cheers.

  201. I’ve bought Pure Calendar Widget yesterday. Trying to change the Skin doesn’t work beacause download doesn’t start?!

    Didn’t I pay for this also?

    What’s the problem?

  202. Hi!
    Thx for the information. It didn’t work yesterday and not today…..what do you think, how long will it take?

  203. When I try to choose thevskin for the pure calendar widget it says that the server is not working. Is there a solution for this?

    Thank you.


      1. I’ve deleted tha last version and reinstalled it again…now it says: Please wait….Getting data….
        I’m waiting…and nothing happens 😦

      2. It works so far now….But the list is empty, just a black sreen.
        First APP I paid for…a desaster 😦

      3. This is annoying… Where do I find your email address?

        About page is empty: To contact me by email : ???????

  204. I’m having a problem witth the calendar. When I put an event in, it will show up on the calendar for a short period of time, then it will erase itself. It’s done this multiple times.

  205. I am currently operating on the android 2.1 version, and I’m having a problem with a shared calendar from google. How do I get a shared calendar from google sync to my calendar?

  206. Hello,
    I managed to install pure grid calendar on my desire Z and tryed all I could find on your help page but my pure callender keeps empty…..it looks nice and seams to work, it jus doesn’t show any meeting ;-(
    Do you have a suggestion or do we go for a refund?

    By the way u’re widget looks awsom but it was realle hard to install it.

    1. Hi,
      are you able to select calendars in the widget config panel ?
      Be sure to try WITHOUT scrollable mode in a first time.
      Are you using Pure calendar or Pure GRID calendar ?

      and what do you mean by ‘hard to install’ ???
      If should install like any other widget.
      What difficulties did you have ?
      On all my test phone, I insert the widget, press ‘save & exit’ in the config panel, and that’s all. Not difficult at all…

  207. I have a droid x, running pure calendar month view. I switched to scrollable mode, which is awesome……..but. How can I view months farther out than 5 months out? I don’t see the little blue arrows?

  208. my setting is to follow facebook’s calendar. one event should be happen on Dec 15,but it shows on Dec 16,what happened?

  209. Hallo,
    I like the pure-calendar, it was working fine with the pocket-informat-app. But now there is a new Beta and this new Bete is not working with pure calerndar any more. What to do?

    1. Hi,
      are you SURE ? I have the last beta of PI and everything is working fine.
      What is not working for you ? did you switch on/off the scrollable mode ? if yes, did you read the information panel about tap zones ?

      1. Hi,
        yes, I am sure! If I set Pocket Informant it apears:
        Gewählte Applikation … scheint nicht auf dem Gerät installiert zu sein. ..”
        I’ve not set the scrollable mode, my HTC Desire Z is working with sense.

      2. I retried 1 minute ago :
        – I uninstalled my current version of PI
        – I reinstalled it from the market
        – I entered in the Pure calendar widget config panel
        – selected Pocket Informant as calendar app on widget tap
        and everything is working fine.
        Can you contact me by email and send me a logcat just after the widget reconfig please ?
        I am using a Desire Z too 🙂
        To send a logcat :

      3. Sorry, I finally found an issue with the last PI update :/
        It is now fixed, I’ll publish the update soon.

  210. Hi koxx3,
    I#ve just send you the logcat by email. Btw, I,ve just make the same as you, the faut still is there.

  211. Hi, I’ve just bought a Galaxy Tab and I don’t know wich application to select when tapped. Maybe it’ll be added on futures updates but until there what is the best workaround? Thanks.

  212. Hello, the scrollable version of the pure grid calendar is not loading very well on my phone. It often leaves blank sections of days/dates. It only happens when I enable the time line to show. Please advise as to what I should do because I love this widget otherwise, especially with being able to see my events in the pure grid calendar with the scrolling. Thank you

  213. Hi,
    I am having troubles with the option to force line break between title / location / description: It just doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.
    I am using Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2.2.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi,
      are you asking to use the event insertion panel of Pocket Informant ? if yes, this is simply not possible.

  214. I just upgraded my phone from 2.1 to 2.2 Froyo, and also did a factory reset. Now Pure Calendar Widget isn’t showing up in the market. How can I get it??

  215. I think I could had found a little bug, but I don’t know if you are known about it. When you try to add a new item to calendar using the “+” you can use “+” with Internal Quick Event Insertion. At this point all was fine, but when you select “0 minutes” in reminder” it does the same thing than “no reminder”. It doesn´t assing a reminder to the appointment. Also if you select 5 minutes, the alarms goes 5 minutes before the appointment, but I ues to set the alarm to the samae time that the appointment. I think it doesn’t should work on that way, because there is an option called “none”. isn’t it?

    1. I rechecked and I found the issue.
      0 minute is not accepted by the calendar.
      I changed the ‘0 minute’ by ‘1 minute’, and it works.

  216. REPEAT function does not work well in EDIT EVENT. For example, I have a biweekly event, and I will lose that property when I edit the event.

    1. The EDIT event panel, it not a part of the widget app, but of the calendar app (only ‘quick event insertion’ panel if part of the widget). I think I can’t do anything for your problem.

  217. Unable to download purchased version in Google Market.
    No such application.
    Is it normal ????
    What I bought? One-time download?

  218. What do I have to do to sync my google calendar dates with pure calendar? None of my saved dates from my google calendar are in my pure calendar widget.

  219. Show events before tasks doesn’t work. It puts all the tasks in after todays event. It doesn’t matter if the tasks have a due date or not.

    It’s a shame, since it kills the layout.

    Also, when I choose “google task organizer”, no tasks show up at all 😦
    Dato gtasks works though (kinda)

    1. “show events before tasks” works for EACH day. It’s not “all calendar events first, then tasks”.

      For Google task organizer, no problem reported by other users. Be careful, it’s GTO FULL version, not free version.

      1. Ah ok. Then it works as it should then I see. Consider it a feature request then 🙂

        Thanks for the quick reply.

      2. What should be a feature request ?
        Please, for features request, use the suggestion module. It’s impossible to track features request on the blog.

  220. Hi,l cant have a day calender exept for the one that comes with the galaxy.my problm is with mitings that ate 45 m’ .it dasnt seem weel and dont have calers.for axampel amiting that start at9:45to 11:50 will seem in the calender as 9:30-12:00,how can l do it to show bay corecr time?

    1. Hi,
      I am not sure to understand.
      Your events time are wrong ???
      If yes, only in the widget ? or also in the stock calendar application ?
      can you provide screenshots ?

  221. When I click continue and skin to access my .png files the skins manager tells me that the download has failed and the server is temporary out of order. Please help.

  222. How big can the png files be to use as a background. I’m trying to use pictures as the background to my widget and i keep getting an error message w hen I’m trying to continue and skin.

  223. hi, is it possible to add a filtration to the calendar as it is for tasks?
    eg. all calendar notes with tag “lunch” in a separate widget.
    this would be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi,
      there is no ‘tags’ or ‘categoris’ in calendars.
      Personnaly, I think key word filter would be useless and unusable.

      1. I’m aware that this feature does not exists.
        I don’t want a key word filter, but a tag-filter identical to the one who can be found in the task section, as I use tags on both calendar events and tasks.
        This would be very useful as I like to have one widget with deadlines, here I have “deadline for report” and I would also enjoy having a “meeting to present report” (as the meeting takes place without adding the meeting as a separate task)

        This should not be a very advanced implementation as the feature is already in the tasks section.

      2. For tags, it means :
        – storing tags for each events (not possible in Google calendars)
        – storing a tag filter: possible in Pure calendar
        So, I don’t understand where you want to store this